The President of the Chadian FA, Adoum Younousmi, met up with FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter in Zurich on Monday before sharing a few words with Mr Younousmi, what is the reason for your visit to FIFA HQ today?
Adoum Younousmi: We elected a new executive committee at the Chadian FA in December 2008 and then the FIFA President invited us here today. We're a relatively new association and this visit gives us an opportunity to talk to the game's governing body and discuss the modest contribution we can make to the world of football. We're also here to identify the models we can implement to help us change the way we work. Hopefully, we can create a very bright future for Chadian football as a result.

What are the main objectives with regard to the development of football in Chad?
We are getting a lot of support from the government of Chad, who have helped tremendously with the construction of new stadiums. We've also proposed to the government a national project by which private companies can sponsor the game. The government has approved it and have even helped us by offering tax breaks to companies sponsoring football. It's an important phase in the promotion of the game, particularly among young boys and young girls too. We will have several important academies in place and that will help our national teams progress. I'm convinced that in the next two or three years our national team will reach a more than acceptable level.

What impact do you think the Win in Africa with Africa programme has had on Chadian football?
Thanks in the main to the Football Turf project, the government now sees the need to install quality pitches at all our new stadiums. This morning we asked President Blatter to do everything he can to assist with the development of synthetic pitches in Africa as much as possible.

Chad were knocked out in the second round of qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. What is the national team's main objective now?
The ultimate goal of any association is for its national team to reach the World Cup finals. Although we have missed out on this occasion I know that we can aim for better results, and we will be giving it everything we have in the next qualifying campaign.

South Africa 2010 is coming up fast. What do the finals, the first ever to be staged on African soil, mean to the continent?
It's highly symbolic for us and it's been made possible by the unwavering commitment of President Blatter. I think it will help Africans to play football well and to love the sport even more. I hope that the stadiums will be full of African people, ready to celebrate and party like they do all over the world. I would like to congratulate and thank Mr Blatter once more for having the courage to bring the World Cup to Africa. I'm sure that everything will go smoothly to the great delight of the world of football.