A number of issues were raised and discussed on 8 October 2007 during meetings between the chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee, Lord Sebastian Coe (England), and FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and representatives of various members of the FIFA administration.

After the meetings, Lord Coe stated: "The Ethics Committee is to hold at least one plenary meeting per year. In the upcoming meeting scheduled for December, I would like to bring to decision one of the issues, which is due to be referred to the FIFA Ethics Committee, namely the irregularities that occurred in the selection of Kenyan referees and assistant referees for the 2007 FIFA List of International Referees."

"At the meeting in December the committee will also discuss its role in the bidding process for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ and the outcome of discussions I had with FIFA over the last few months about the working structure of the Ethics Committee", Coe added.

Lord Coe also met representatives of the company, FIFA Early Warning System, for an update on their activities ahead of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ preliminary competition, since the remit of the Ethics Committee also includes combating irregular betting, manipulation, bribery and other illegal practices.

The settlement regarding former General Secretary Urs Linsi was only touched upon as the FIFA President will refer this matter to the Executive Committee when it meets at the end of October.