David Beckham, Raul and Zinedine Zidane joined the set of "Goal!" to discover uncharted territory in London in March. All three football stars assumed roles in "Goal!", the first film of a trilogy based on the life of a young Latino footballer who makes it in the Premier League, then goes on to play for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League and finally represents his native Argentina in the FIFA World Cup™. Beckham, Raul and Zidane filmed several scenes under the guidance of director Danny Cannon whose TV series "C.S.I." was recently named "most successful TV series of all time".

The players were joined on set by England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson who had also agreed to a cameo role in the USD 35 million production. "This is a truly exciting project, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it. Football offers opportunities to many young and gifted players around the world, and Goal! tells a genuine story with excitement and style," said Eriksson.

The first of three films follows young Latino Santiago Munez, played by Mexican Kuno Becker, who gets a chance to break into the Premier League at Newcastle United.

"Goal! tells a love story and is a fast-paced action drama at the same time," said producer Mike Jefferies, whose original story the trilogy is based on. "Our objective was to create a powerful film that primarily appeals to young audiences around the globe and one which has football, the world's favourite game, as a backdrop. With over 1.25 billion people around the world actively involved with football, a movie such as Goal! is long overdue," he commented. In the meantime, after a seven-week UK shoot and a subsequent move to Los Angles for another three weeks, production of the first part of "Goal!" has finished.

The first film is slated to have its European premiere in September 2005 and will be followed by "Goal! 2" in May 2006 and "Goal! 3" in the summer of 2007.

There will be more details about this first instalment in the trilogy in the September issue of FIFA magazine.