RUSSIA 2018 
All 32 teams will be in action in the opening week of the World Cup. How important is it to get off to a good start? We look into it.  – Who will be crowned world champions? Stars from the worlds of music, sport and film including Usain Bolt and Boris Becker give FIFA 1904 their tips on the eventual tournament winners. – A list of firsts: we take a look at some of the radical changes that have been introduced at World Cups. – Everyone wants to predict the World Cup winners. But how do you go about it? PLUS ... Cardiac arrest on the pitch: Dr Michel D’Hooghe shares his experiences as a team doctor with us. 

“I cannot wait to see the best players in the world embracing the colours of their countries and writing another chapter in the lives of millions of people who, like me, were born under the sign of the most fascinating tournament on earth,” says Gianni Infantino in his column.

Five pages packed with FIFA member association news.

... our popular picture formats “the month in pictures”, “photo archive” and “then and now”. As well as a football cartoon by Mordillo.