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FIFA U-17 World Cup

Matches with the most goals
199711/09/1997New Zealand NZL0:13 (0:6)ESP SpainFirst stage13
200319/08/2003Colombia COL9:1 (3:1)FIN FinlandGroup matches10
200320/08/2003Portugal POR5:5 (4:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches10
199120/08/1991Cuba CUB2:7 (0:3)ESP SpainFirst stage9
199322/08/1993Canada CAN0:8 (0:3)NGA NigeriaFirst stage8
199710/09/1997Thailand THA2:6 (1:1)CHI ChileFirst stage8
199916/11/1999Thailand THA1:7 (0:4)GHA GhanaFirst stage8
200116/09/2001USA USA3:5 (2:2)FRA FranceFirst stage8
200517/09/2005Netherlands NED5:3 (2:2)QAT QatarGroup matches8
200517/09/2005Côte d'Ivoire CIV3:4 (1:2)ITA ItalyGroup matches7
200529/09/2005Turkey TUR3:4 (0:3)BRA BrazilSemi-finals7
200904/11/2009Switzerland SUI4:3 a.e.t. (2:2, 1:1)GER GermanyRound of 167
200927/10/2009Switzerland SUI4:3 (1:2)JPN JapanFirst stage7
200324/08/2003Spain ESP5:2 (2:1)POR PortugalQuarter-finals7
200314/08/2003Yemen YEM3:4 (2:0)POR PortugalGroup matches7
200314/08/2003Korea Republic KOR1:6 (1:2)USA USAGroup matches7
200721/08/2007Brazil BRA6:1 (4:1)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage7
200720/08/2007Tajikistan TJK4:3 (2:1)USA USAFirst stage7
201120/06/2011Germany GER6:1 (1:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage7
201110/07/2011Brazil BRA3:4 (3:2)GER GermanyMatch for third place7
201320/10/2013United Arab Emirates UAE1:6 (0:3)BRA BrazilFirst stage7
201319/10/2013Mexico MEX1:6 (1:2)NGA NigeriaFirst stage7
201317/10/2013Brazil BRA6:1 (3:0)SVK SlovakiaFirst stage7
201317/10/2013Uruguay URU7:0 (2:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage7
200119/09/2001Brazil BRA6:1 (4:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoFirst stage7
198509/08/1985Germany FR FRG4:3 (1:2)BRA BrazilSecond stage7
198714/07/1987Soviet Union URS7:0 (3:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage7
198912/06/1989German Democratic Republic GDR5:2 (4:1)USA USAFirst stage7
199706/09/1997Austria AUT0:7 (0:5)BRA BrazilFirst stage7
200718/08/2007Brazil BRA7:0 (3:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage7
199118/08/1991Australia AUS4:3 (4:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage7
199326/08/1993Qatar QAT1:5 (0:2)USA USAFirst stage6
199326/08/1993Chile CHI3:3 (1:2)POL PolandFirst stage6
199707/09/1997Ghana GHA5:1 (2:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage6
198716/07/1987Korea Republic KOR4:2 (1:1)USA USAFirst stage6
198716/07/1987Soviet Union URS4:2 (2:0)BOL BoliviaFirst stage6
198722/07/1987Côte d'Ivoire CIV1:5 (0:3)URS Soviet UnionSecond stage6
198507/08/1985China PR CHN2:4 (2:3)FRG Germany FRSecond stage6
198504/08/1985Argentina ARG4:2 (3:0)CGO CongoFirst stage6
199913/11/1999Spain ESP6:0 (4:0)THA ThailandFirst stage6
200119/09/2001Japan JPN1:5 (0:3)FRA FranceFirst stage6
200120/09/2001Spain ESP2:4 (2:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage6
200123/09/2001Nigeria NGA5:1 (1:0)AUS AustraliaSecond stage6
201329/10/2013Uruguay URU4:2 (3:0)SVK SlovakiaRound of 166
201322/10/2013Sweden SWE3:3 (2:1)NGA NigeriaFirst stage6
201324/10/2013Morocco MAR4:2 (2:1)PAN PanamaFirst stage6
201129/06/2011Japan JPN6:0 (4:0)NZL New ZealandRound of 166
201126/06/2011Côte d'Ivoire CIV3:3 (2:2)BRA BrazilFirst stage6
200909/11/2009Spain ESP3:3 a.e.t. (3:3, 1:1) 4:2 PSOURU UruguayQuarter-finals6
201123/06/2011Côte d'Ivoire CIV4:2 (3:2)DEN DenmarkFirst stage6
200720/08/2007Belgium BEL2:4 (2:3)TUN TunisiaFirst stage6
200719/08/2007Honduras HON2:4 (1:1)ESP SpainFirst stage6
200720/08/2007Colombia COL3:3 (1:2)GER GermanyFirst stage6
200314/08/2003Spain ESP3:3 (2:2)SLE Sierra LeoneGroup matches6
200319/08/2003China PR CHN3:3 (1:0)MEX MexicoGroup matches6
200924/10/2009Nigeria NGA3:3 (0:2)GER GermanyFirst stage6
200523/09/2005Qatar QAT0:6 (0:3)BRA BrazilGroup matches6
200525/09/2005Turkey TUR5:1 (2:0)CHN China PRQuarter-finals6
200519/09/2005Uruguay URU2:3 (1:1)TUR TurkeyGroup matches5
200905/11/2009Nigeria NGA5:0 (3:0)NZL New ZealandRound of 165
200517/09/2005Korea DPR PRK2:3 (1:2)USA USAGroup matches5
200924/10/2009Brazil BRA3:2 (1:1)JPN JapanFirst stage5
200931/10/2009Burkina Faso BFA4:1 (2:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage5
200905/11/2009Spain ESP4:1 (1:1)BFA Burkina FasoRound of 165
200929/10/2009Turkey TUR4:1 (3:1)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage5
200901/11/2009Malawi MWI1:4 (0:1)ESP SpainFirst stage5
200317/08/2003Korea Republic KOR2:3 (1:0)ESP SpainGroup matches5
200327/08/2003Argentina ARG2:3 a.e.t. (2:2, 2:0)ESP SpainSemi-finals5
200320/08/2003Sierra Leone SLE2:3 (1:1)KOR Korea RepublicGroup matches5
200317/08/2003Portugal POR0:5 (0:1)BRA BrazilGroup matches5
200702/09/2007England ENG1:4 (0:0)GER GermanyQuarter-finals5
200723/08/2007Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:5 (0:1)COL ColombiaFirst stage5
200723/08/2007Ghana GHA2:3 (0:3)GER GermanyFirst stage5
200720/08/2007Trinidad and Tobago TRI1:4 (0:3)GHA GhanaFirst stage5
200725/08/2007Nigeria NGA4:1 (3:0)HAI HaitiFirst stage5
200721/08/2007New Zealand NZL0:5 (0:4)ENG EnglandFirst stage5
200722/08/2007Argentina ARG4:1 (1:1)HON HondurasFirst stage5
200726/08/2007Germany GER5:0 (4:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoFirst stage5
201124/06/2011Mexico MEX3:2 (2:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage5
201104/07/2011Germany GER3:2 (2:0)ENG EnglandQuarter-finals5
201119/06/2011Uzbekistan UZB1:4 (1:2)NZL New ZealandFirst stage5
200904/11/2009Argentina ARG2:3 (1:0)COL ColombiaRound of 165
201130/06/2011France FRA3:2 (1:2)CIV Côte d'IvoireRound of 165
201103/07/2011Japan JPN2:3 (0:1)BRA BrazilQuarter-finals5
201107/07/2011Germany GER2:3 (1:1)MEX MexicoSemi-finals5
201322/10/2013Argentina ARG3:2 (1:1)AUT AustriaFirst stage5
201308/11/2013Sweden SWE4:1 (3:1)ARG ArgentinaPlay-off for third place5
201329/10/2013Nigeria NGA4:1 (3:0)IRN IranRound of 165
201319/10/2013Iraq IRQ1:4 (0:1)SWE SwedenFirst stage5
201325/10/2013Nigeria NGA5:0 (4:0)IRQ IraqFirst stage5
200120/09/2001Paraguay PAR3:2 (2:0)IRN IranFirst stage5
198531/07/1985Congo CGO1:4 (0:2)FRG Germany FRFirst stage5
198531/07/1985Saudi Arabia KSA4:1 (1:1)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage5
199913/11/1999New Zealand NZL0:5 (0:2)URU UruguayFirst stage5
199920/11/1999USA USA3:2 (2:1)MEX MexicoSecond stage5
199920/11/1999Ghana GHA3:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 2:1)URU UruguaySecond stage5
199921/11/1999Paraguay PAR1:4 (1:2)BRA BrazilSecond stage5
199914/11/1999Jamaica JAM0:5 (0:4)PAR ParaguayFirst stage5
198714/07/1987Nigeria NGA3:2 (1:1)BOL BoliviaFirst stage5
198715/07/1987France FRA4:1 (4:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage5
198511/08/1985Brazil BRA4:1 (1:0)GUI GuineaSecond stage5
198719/07/1987Soviet Union URS3:2 (1:0)FRA FranceSecond stage5
198912/06/1989Colombia COL2:3 (1:1)POR PortugalFirst stage5
199708/09/1997New Zealand NZL0:5 (0:3)MEX MexicoFirst stage5
199706/09/1997Mexico MEX2:3 (0:2)ESP SpainFirst stage5
199715/09/1997Ghana GHA4:1 (2:0)OMA OmanSecond stage5
199506/08/1995Portugal POR2:3 (2:2)GUI GuineaFirst stage5
199520/08/1995Ghana GHA3:2 (2:0)BRA BrazilSecond stage5
199704/09/1997Egypt EGY3:2 (1:1)THA ThailandFirst stage5
199324/08/1993Ghana GHA4:1 (1:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage5
199329/08/1993Czechoslovakia TCH1:4 (1:2)CHI ChileSecond stage5
199326/08/1993Argentina ARG5:0 (3:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage5
199324/08/1993Australia AUS5:0 (2:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage5
199117/08/1991Sudan SDN4:1 (3:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage5
198914/06/1989Argentina ARG4:1 (3:1)CAN CanadaFirst stage5
198914/06/1989Australia AUS2:2 (0:1)USA USAFirst stage4
198924/06/1989Saudi Arabia KSA2:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 0:2) 5:4 PSOSCO ScotlandSecond stage4
199120/08/1991Italy ITA2:2 (1:1)CHN China PRFirst stage4
199122/08/1991USA USA3:1 (2:1)CHN China PRFirst stage4
199120/08/1991Sudan SDN1:3 (0:0)GER GermanyFirst stage4
199120/08/1991United Arab Emirates UAE0:4 (0:2)BRA BrazilFirst stage4
199122/08/1991United Arab Emirates UAE2:2 (1:1)GER GermanyFirst stage4
199324/08/1993Argentina ARG0:4 (0:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage4
199322/08/1993USA USA2:2 (1:1)TCH CzechoslovakiaFirst stage4
199322/08/1993Chile CHI2:2 (0:1)CHN China PRFirst stage4
199322/08/1993Tunisia TUN1:3 (0:1)POL PolandFirst stage4
199125/08/1991Spain ESP3:1 (0:1)GER GermanySecond stage4
199322/08/1993Australia AUS2:2 (2:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage4
199326/08/1993Colombia COL1:3 (0:1)TCH CzechoslovakiaFirst stage4
199326/08/1993Ghana GHA4:0 (3:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage4
199705/09/1997Costa Rica CRC1:3 (0:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage4
199706/09/1997New Zealand NZL0:4 (0:1)MLI MaliFirst stage4
199513/08/1995Argentina ARG3:1 (1:0)ECU EcuadorSecond stage4
199513/08/1995Brazil BRA3:1 (1:1)AUS AustraliaSecond stage4
199517/08/1995Ghana GHA3:1 (1:0)OMA OmanSecond stage4
199504/08/1995Australia AUS2:2 (1:0)ESP SpainFirst stage4
199718/09/1997Germany GER0:4 (0:1)BRA BrazilSecond stage4
199706/09/1997Oman OMA4:0 (2:0)USA USAFirst stage4
199708/09/1997Oman OMA3:1 (2:0)AUT AustriaFirst stage4
199711/09/1997Mali MLI3:1 (1:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage4
199711/09/1997Oman OMA1:3 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage4
199711/09/1997USA USA4:0 (1:0)AUT AustriaFirst stage4
198914/06/1989Ghana GHA2:2 (1:2)CUB CubaFirst stage4
198912/06/1989Australia AUS1:3 (0:3)BRA BrazilFirst stage4
198912/06/1989Guinea GUI2:2 (0:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaFirst stage4
198910/06/1989Nigeria NGA4:0 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage4
198910/06/1989Saudi Arabia KSA2:2 (0:2)POR PortugalFirst stage4
198712/07/1987Mexico MEX2:2 (0:0)BOL BoliviaFirst stage4
198504/08/1985Saudi Arabia KSA3:1 (1:1)ITA ItalyFirst stage4
198502/08/1985Qatar QAT1:3 (1:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage4
198504/08/1985China PR CHN3:1 (3:0)USA USAFirst stage4
198507/08/1985Hungary HUN1:3 (1:1)NGA NigeriaSecond stage4
199917/11/1999Qatar QAT4:0 (0:0)JAM JamaicaFirst stage4
199917/11/1999Burkina Faso BFA2:2 (0:2)PAR ParaguayFirst stage4
199924/11/1999USA USA2:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 1:2) 6:7 PSOAUS AustraliaSecond stage4
200119/09/2001Croatia CRO0:4 (0:2)AUS AustraliaFirst stage4
200116/09/2001Japan JPN0:4 (0:2)NGA NigeriaFirst stage4
200116/09/2001Croatia CRO1:3 (1:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage4
199911/11/1999Mexico MEX4:0 (2:0)THA ThailandFirst stage4
199913/11/1999Ghana GHA4:0 (1:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage4
199924/11/1999Ghana GHA2:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 0:2) 2:4 PSOBRA BrazilSecond stage4
200115/09/2001Argentina ARG2:2 (1:1)BFA Burkina FasoFirst stage4
201320/10/2013Slovakia SVK2:2 (0:1)HON HondurasFirst stage4
201328/10/2013Brazil BRA3:1 (0:0)RUS RussiaRound of 164
201329/10/2013Argentina ARG3:1 (1:1)TUN TunisiaRound of 164
201324/10/2013Venezuela VEN0:4 (0:3)RUS RussiaFirst stage4
201318/10/2013Croatia CRO1:3 (0:3)MAR MoroccoFirst stage4
201122/06/2011Canada CAN2:2 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage4
201130/06/2011Germany GER4:0 (3:0)USA USARound of 164
200909/11/2009Korea Republic KOR1:3 (1:1)NGA NigeriaQuarter-finals4
200930/10/2009Germany GER3:1 (0:0)HON HondurasFirst stage4
200912/11/2009Spain ESP1:3 (0:1)NGA NigeriaSemi-finals4
200912/11/2009Colombia COL0:4 (0:2)SUI SwitzerlandSemi-finals4
201118/06/2011Mexico MEX3:1 (1:1)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage4
201129/06/2011Uzbekistan UZB4:0 (2:0)AUS AustraliaRound of 164
201322/10/2013Mexico MEX3:1 (2:0)IRQ IraqFirst stage4
201319/10/2013Canada CAN2:2 (0:1)AUT AustriaFirst stage4
201321/10/2013Japan JPN3:1 (2:1)VEN VenezuelaFirst stage4
201124/06/2011Japan JPN3:1 (2:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage4
200719/08/2007Japan JPN3:1 (1:0)HAI HaitiFirst stage4
200723/08/2007USA USA1:3 (0:2)TUN TunisiaFirst stage4
200730/08/2007England ENG3:1 (2:0)SYR SyriaRound of 164
200729/08/2007Tunisia TUN1:3 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1)FRA FranceRound of 164
200706/09/2007Nigeria NGA3:1 (2:1)GER GermanySemi-finals4
200926/10/2009Uruguay URU1:3 (0:1)KOR Korea RepublicFirst stage4
200929/10/2009United Arab Emirates UAE1:3 (0:2)ESP SpainFirst stage4
200931/10/2009Gambia GAM2:2 (2:0)COL ColombiaFirst stage4
200517/09/2005Brazil BRA1:3 (1:2)GAM GambiaGroup matches4
200520/09/2005Qatar QAT1:3 (1:1)GAM GambiaGroup matches4
200526/09/2005Brazil BRA3:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0)PRK Korea DPRQuarter-finals4
200529/09/2005Mexico MEX4:0 (1:0)NED NetherlandsSemi-finals4
200520/09/2005Italy ITA1:3 (0:0)USA USAGroup matches4
200525/09/2005Costa Rica CRC1:3 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0)MEX MexicoQuarter-finals4
200520/09/2005Côte d'Ivoire CIV0:3 (0:3)PRK Korea DPRGroup matches3
200502/10/2005Netherlands NED2:1 (1:0)TUR TurkeyThird place3
200502/10/2005Mexico MEX3:0 (2:0)BRA BrazilFinal3
200324/08/2003Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)USA USAQuarter-finals3
200905/11/2009Iran IRN1:2 a.e.t.URU UruguayRound of 163
200520/09/2005Netherlands NED1:2 (1:1)BRA BrazilGroup matches3
200522/09/2005Australia AUS2:1 (1:1)URU UruguayGroup matches3
200522/09/2005Mexico MEX1:2 (1:1)TUR TurkeyGroup matches3
200519/09/2005Mexico MEX3:0 (2:0)AUS AustraliaGroup matches3
200927/10/2009Argentina ARG2:1 (0:1)GER GermanyFirst stage3
200928/10/2009Netherlands NED2:1 (1:1)GAM GambiaFirst stage3
200925/10/2009Colombia COL2:1 (0:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage3
200929/10/2009Italy ITA2:1 (0:1)KOR Korea RepublicFirst stage3
200904/11/2009Italy ITA2:1 (1:0)USA USARound of 163
200926/10/2009Spain ESP2:1 (2:1)USA USAFirst stage3
200705/09/2007Spain ESP2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0)GHA GhanaSemi-finals3
200709/09/2007Ghana GHA1:2 (0:1)GER GermanyThird place3
200313/08/2003Finland FIN2:1 (1:1)CHN China PRGroup matches3
200316/08/2003China PR CHN1:2 (0:0)COL ColombiaGroup matches3
200316/08/2003Australia AUS1:2 (1:0)NGA NigeriaGroup matches3
200317/08/2003USA USA2:1 (1:1)SLE Sierra LeoneGroup matches3
200320/08/2003Brazil BRA3:0 (2:0)YEM YemenGroup matches3
200729/08/2007Spain ESP3:0 (1:0)PRK Korea DPRRound of 163
200730/08/2007Germany GER2:1 (0:0)USA USARound of 163
200730/08/2007Nigeria NGA2:1 (0:0)COL ColombiaRound of 163
200719/08/2007Nigeria NGA2:1 (1:0)FRA FranceFirst stage3
200726/08/2007Colombia COL1:2 (0:1)GHA GhanaFirst stage3
200722/08/2007Syria SYR1:2 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage3
200722/08/2007Japan JPN0:3 (0:2)NGA NigeriaFirst stage3
200725/08/2007France FRA2:1 (0:1)JPN JapanFirst stage3
201107/07/2011Uruguay URU3:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilSemi-finals3
201121/06/2011Jamaica JAM1:2 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage3
201119/06/2011USA USA3:0 (1:0)CZE Czech RepublicFirst stage3
201123/06/2011Panama PAN1:2 (1:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage3
201302/11/2013Argentina ARG2:1 (2:0)CIV Côte d'IvoireQuarter-finals3
201328/10/2013Japan JPN1:2 (0:2)SWE SwedenRound of 163
201317/10/2013United Arab Emirates UAE1:2 (1:1)HON HondurasFirst stage3
201329/10/2013Morocco MAR1:2 (0:1)CIV Côte d'IvoireRound of 163
201104/07/2011France FRA1:2 (1:1)MEX MexicoQuarter-finals3
201119/06/2011Uruguay URU3:0 (0:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage3
200908/11/2009Switzerland SUI2:1 (1:1)ITA ItalyQuarter-finals3
201118/06/2011France FRA3:0 (3:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage3
201121/06/2011Mexico MEX2:1 (1:0)CGO CongoFirst stage3
200930/10/2009Argentina ARG1:2 (1:1)NGA NigeriaFirst stage3
201120/06/2011Australia AUS2:1 (0:1)CIV Côte d'IvoireFirst stage3
201129/06/2011Congo CGO1:2 (0:0)URU UruguayRound of 163
201120/06/2011Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage3
201125/06/2011Czech Republic CZE1:2 (1:1)UZB UzbekistanFirst stage3
201122/06/2011USA USA1:2 (0:1)UZB UzbekistanFirst stage3
201123/06/2011Burkina Faso BFA0:3 (0:2)GER GermanyFirst stage3
201323/10/2013Honduras HON0:3 (0:2)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
201305/11/2013Argentina ARG0:3 (0:2)MEX MexicoSemi-finals3
201318/10/2013Tunisia TUN2:1 (1:0)VEN VenezuelaFirst stage3
201324/10/2013Uzbekistan UZB2:1 (1:1)CRO CroatiaFirst stage3
201323/10/2013New Zealand NZL0:3 (0:1)CIV Côte d'IvoireFirst stage3
201305/11/2013Sweden SWE0:3 (0:1)NGA NigeriaSemi-finals3
201324/10/2013Japan JPN2:1 (0:1)TUN TunisiaFirst stage3
201301/11/2013Honduras HON1:2 (1:0)SWE SwedenQuarter-finals3
201323/10/2013Italy ITA1:2 (1:1)URU UruguayFirst stage3
201308/11/2013Nigeria NGA3:0 (1:0)MEX MexicoFinal3
201325/10/2013Argentina ARG3:0 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage3
200117/09/2001Oman OMA0:3 (0:2)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage3
200115/09/2001Oman OMA1:2 (1:0)ESP SpainFirst stage3
200123/09/2001Brazil BRA1:2 (0:2)FRA FranceSecond stage3
200124/09/2001Argentina ARG2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1)MLI MaliSecond stage3
200115/09/2001Mali MLI1:2 (0:0)PAR ParaguayFirst stage3
200117/09/2001Paraguay PAR0:3 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage3
200127/09/2001France FRA2:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaSecond stage3
198531/07/1985Qatar QAT1:2 (0:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
198502/08/1985China PR CHN2:1 (2:0)GUI GuineaFirst stage3
198502/08/1985Bolivia BOL1:2 (1:0)USA USAFirst stage3
198502/08/1985Australia AUS2:1 (1:0)CGO CongoFirst stage3
199912/11/1999Brazil BRA2:1 (1:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage3
199914/11/1999Australia AUS2:1 (0:1)GER GermanyFirst stage3
199916/11/1999Poland POL1:2 (0:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage3
199910/11/1999New Zealand NZL1:2 (1:0)USA USAFirst stage3
199914/11/1999Burkina Faso BFA1:2 (0:2)QAT QatarFirst stage3
200114/09/2001France FRA1:2 (0:1)NGA NigeriaFirst stage3
200113/09/2001Trinidad and Tobago TRI1:2 (0:1)CRO CroatiaFirst stage3
198507/08/1985Saudi Arabia KSA1:2 (0:1)BRA BrazilSecond stage3
198504/08/1985Bolivia BOL0:3 (0:2)GUI GuineaFirst stage3
200130/09/2001France FRA3:0 (1:0)NGA NigeriaSecond stage3
198504/08/1985Costa Rica CRC0:3 (0:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage3
198504/08/1985Qatar QAT0:3 (0:2)HUN HungaryFirst stage3
198714/07/1987Canada CAN0:3 (0:1)EGY EgyptFirst stage3
198712/07/1987Italy ITA3:0 (2:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage3
198912/06/1989Scotland SCO3:0 (3:0)CUB CubaFirst stage3
198910/06/1989Cuba CUB0:3 (0:1)BHR BahrainFirst stage3
198914/06/1989German Democratic Republic GDR1:2 (1:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
198719/07/1987Côte d'Ivoire CIV3:0 (1:0)QAT QatarSecond stage3
198724/07/1987Italy ITA1:2 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1)CIV Côte d'IvoireSecond stage3
198716/07/1987Canada CAN1:2 (1:2)QAT QatarFirst stage3
199708/09/1997USA USA0:3 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
199718/09/1997Spain ESP1:2 (1:0)GHA GhanaSecond stage3
199721/09/1997Germany GER1:2 (0:1)ESP SpainSecond stage3
199721/09/1997Brazil BRA2:1 (0:1)GHA GhanaSecond stage3
200724/08/2007Korea Republic KOR2:1 (1:1)TOG TogoFirst stage3
199707/09/1997Thailand THA0:3 (0:1)GER GermanyFirst stage3
199715/09/1997Spain ESP2:1 (1:1)EGY EgyptSecond stage3
200724/08/2007England ENG2:1 (1:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
199504/08/1995Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)GER GermanyFirst stage3
199504/08/1995Oman OMA2:1 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage3
199505/08/1995Ecuador ECU1:2 (1:1)GHA GhanaFirst stage3
199505/08/1995USA USA1:2 (0:0)JPN JapanFirst stage3
199504/08/1995Argentina ARG3:0 (2:0)POR PortugalFirst stage3
199506/08/1995Germany GER3:0 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage3
199509/08/1995Portugal POR3:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage3
199509/08/1995Nigeria NGA2:1 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage3
199509/08/1995Qatar QAT0:3 (0:1)AUS AustraliaFirst stage3
199517/08/1995Argentina ARG0:3 (0:0)BRA BrazilSecond stage3
199509/08/1995Germany GER0:3 (0:1)OMA OmanFirst stage3
199329/08/1993Nigeria NGA2:1 (2:0)JPN JapanSecond stage3
199512/08/1995Nigeria NGA1:2 (1:1)OMA OmanSecond stage3
199326/08/1993Japan JPN2:1 (1:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage3
199304/09/1993Ghana GHA1:2 (0:1)NGA NigeriaSecond stage3
199329/08/1993Poland POL3:0 (1:0)USA USASecond stage3
199301/09/1993Ghana GHA3:0 (1:0)CHI ChileSecond stage3
199301/09/1993Nigeria NGA2:1 (0:0)POL PolandSecond stage3
199322/08/1993Italy ITA1:2 (0:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage3
199125/08/1991Australia AUS1:2 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaSecond stage3
199324/08/1993Colombia COL2:1 (1:0)USA USAFirst stage3
199117/08/1991Ghana GHA2:1 (1:1)CUB CubaFirst stage3
199117/08/1991China PR CHN1:2 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage3
199125/08/1991Brazil BRA1:2 (0:1)GHA GhanaSecond stage3
199122/08/1991Congo CGO2:1 (2:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage3
198923/06/1989Bahrain BHR0:3 (0:1)POR PortugalSecond stage3
198914/06/1989China PR CHN0:3 (0:3)NGA NigeriaFirst stage3
198917/06/1989Portugal POR2:1 (1:1)ARG ArgentinaSecond stage3
198914/06/1989Guinea GUI1:1 (1:0)POR PortugalFirst stage2
199120/08/1991Congo CGO0:2 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage2
199118/08/1991Germany GER0:2 (0:2)BRA BrazilFirst stage2
199125/08/1991USA USA1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1) 4:5 PSOQAT QatarSecond stage2
199122/08/1991Ghana GHA1:1 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage2
199120/08/1991Ghana GHA2:0 (1:0)URU UruguayFirst stage2
199324/08/1993Qatar QAT0:2 (0:1)TCH CzechoslovakiaFirst stage2
199324/08/1993Chile CHI2:0 (1:0)TUN TunisiaFirst stage2
199324/08/1993China PR CHN0:2 (0:0)POL PolandFirst stage2
199322/08/1993Colombia COL0:2 (0:1)QAT QatarFirst stage2
199130/08/1991Qatar QAT1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0) 1:4 PSOARG ArgentinaSecond stage2
199304/09/1993Chile CHI1:1 (0:1) 4:2 PSOPOL PolandSecond stage2
199503/08/1995Ecuador ECU2:0 (1:0)USA USAFirst stage2
199326/08/1993Australia AUS0:2 (0:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage2
199512/08/1995Ghana GHA2:0 (1:0)POR PortugalSecond stage2
199508/08/1995USA USA0:2 (0:1)GHA GhanaFirst stage2
199509/08/1995Argentina ARG2:0 (2:0)GUI GuineaFirst stage2
199520/08/1995Oman OMA0:2 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaSecond stage2
199509/08/1995Brazil BRA2:0 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage2
199504/08/1995Costa Rica CRC2:0 (0:0)GUI GuineaFirst stage2
199504/08/1995Nigeria NGA1:1 (1:1)QAT QatarFirst stage2
199506/08/1995Argentina ARG2:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage2
199506/08/1995Nigeria NGA2:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage2
200718/08/2007Korea DPR PRK1:1 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage2
200725/08/2007Spain ESP1:1 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage2
200725/08/2007Honduras HON0:2 (0:1)SYR SyriaFirst stage2
199714/09/1997Brazil BRA2:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaSecond stage2
200721/08/2007Costa Rica CRC2:0 (0:0)KOR Korea RepublicFirst stage2
199707/09/1997Egypt EGY1:1 (1:0)CHI ChileFirst stage2
199710/09/1997Egypt EGY1:1 (0:0)GER GermanyFirst stage2
199710/09/1997Argentina ARG2:0 (1:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage2
199710/09/1997Ghana GHA2:0 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage2
198717/07/1987France FRA0:2 (0:2)KSA Saudi ArabiaFirst stage2
198719/07/1987Italy ITA2:0 (0:0)KOR Korea RepublicSecond stage2
198725/07/1987Nigeria NGA1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1) 2:4 PSOURS Soviet UnionSecond stage2
198914/06/1989Scotland SCO1:1 (1:1)BHR BahrainFirst stage2
198910/06/1989Guinea GUI1:1 (1:0)COL ColombiaFirst stage2
198511/08/1985Germany FR FRG0:2 (0:1)NGA NigeriaSecond stage2
198712/07/1987Côte d'Ivoire CIV1:1 (1:0)KOR Korea RepublicFirst stage2
198712/07/1987Soviet Union URS1:1 (0:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage2
198714/07/1987Italy ITA1:1 (0:0)QAT QatarFirst stage2
198504/08/1985Brazil BRA2:0 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage2
198502/08/1985Costa Rica CRC0:2 (0:1)ITA ItalyFirst stage2
198509/08/1985Nigeria NGA1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1) 4:2 PSOGUI GuineaSecond stage2
199912/11/1999Paraguay PAR2:0 (1:0)QAT QatarFirst stage2
199911/11/1999Uruguay URU1:1 (0:0)POL PolandFirst stage2
199913/11/1999USA USA1:1 (0:1)POL PolandFirst stage2
199911/11/1999Ghana GHA1:1 (1:0)ESP SpainFirst stage2
198502/08/1985Argentina ARG1:1 (1:1)FRG Germany FRFirst stage2
200120/09/2001Costa Rica CRC0:2 (0:2)MLI MaliFirst stage2
200130/09/2001Argentina ARG0:2 (0:1)BFA Burkina FasoSecond stage2
199927/11/1999USA USA0:2 (0:1)GHA GhanaSecond stage2
198531/07/1985China PR CHN1:1 (1:1)BOL BoliviaFirst stage2
200115/09/2001Iran IRN0:2 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage2
200124/09/2001Costa Rica CRC0:2 (0:0)BFA Burkina FasoSecond stage2
200119/09/2001Nigeria NGA2:0 (1:0)USA USAFirst stage2
200120/09/2001Burkina Faso BFA1:1 (1:1)OMA OmanFirst stage2
201301/11/2013Brazil BRA1:1 (0:0) 10:11 PSOMEX MexicoQuarter-finals2
201328/10/2013Italy ITA0:2 (0:1)MEX MexicoRound of 162
201302/11/2013Uruguay URU0:2 (0:1)NGA NigeriaQuarter-finals2
201319/10/2013Iran IRN1:1 (1:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage2
201318/10/2013Panama PAN0:2 (0:0)UZB UzbekistanFirst stage2
201320/10/2013Uruguay URU1:1 (0:1)CIV Côte d'IvoireFirst stage2
201323/10/2013Slovakia SVK2:0 (1:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage2
201124/06/2011Korea DPR PRK1:1 (1:0)CGO CongoFirst stage2
201126/06/2011Burkina Faso BFA0:2 (0:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage2
200930/10/2009Japan JPN0:2 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage2
200904/11/2009Turkey TUR2:0 (1:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound of 162
200901/11/2009Korea Republic KOR2:0 (2:0)ALG AlgeriaFirst stage2
200908/11/2009Colombia COL1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1) 5:3 PSOTUR TurkeyQuarter-finals2
201130/06/2011England ENG1:1 (1:1) 4:2 PSOARG ArgentinaRound of 162
201121/06/2011Korea DPR PRK1:1 (0:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage2
201125/06/2011Uruguay URU0:2 (0:1)ENG EnglandFirst stage2
201103/07/2011Uruguay URU2:0 (1:0)UZB UzbekistanQuarter-finals2
201322/10/2013Canada CAN1:1 (0:1)IRN IranFirst stage2
201130/06/2011Mexico MEX2:0 (1:0)PAN PanamaRound of 162
201124/06/2011Jamaica JAM1:1 (1:0)FRA FranceFirst stage2
201127/06/2011Australia AUS1:1 (0:1)DEN DenmarkFirst stage2
201121/06/2011Japan JPN1:1 (0:1)FRA FranceFirst stage2
201126/06/2011Panama PAN0:2 (0:2)GER GermanyFirst stage2
201119/06/2011Rwanda RWA0:2 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage2
201129/06/2011Brazil BRA2:0 (1:0)ECU EcuadorRound of 162
201110/07/2011Uruguay URU0:2 (0:1)MEX MexicoFinal2
200722/08/2007Haiti HAI1:1 (1:1)FRA FranceFirst stage2
200726/08/2007Belgium BEL0:2 (0:0)USA USAFirst stage2
200730/08/2007Argentina ARG2:0 (2:0)CRC Costa RicaRound of 162
200718/08/2007Costa Rica CRC1:1 (0:1)TOG TogoFirst stage2
200702/09/2007Argentina ARG0:2 (0:2)NGA NigeriaQuarter-finals2
200701/09/2007Ghana GHA2:0 (1:0)PER PeruQuarter-finals2
200701/09/2007France FRA1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0) 4:5 PSOESP SpainQuarter-finals2
200319/08/2003Australia AUS0:2 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches2
200729/08/2007Peru PER1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1) 5:4 PSOTJK TajikistanRound of 162
200320/08/2003USA USA0:2 (0:1)ESP SpainGroup matches2
200323/08/2003Colombia COL2:0 (2:0)CRC Costa RicaQuarter-finals2
200323/08/2003Argentina ARG2:0 (2:0)MEX MexicoQuarter-finals2
200330/08/2003Colombia COL1:1 (0:1) 4:5 PSOARG ArgentinaThird place2
200327/08/2003Colombia COL0:2 (0:1)BRA BrazilSemi-finals2
200316/08/2003Argentina ARG2:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches2
200316/08/2003Finland FIN0:2 (0:1)MEX MexicoGroup matches2
200317/08/2003Yemen YEM1:1 (0:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches2
200314/08/2003Cameroon CMR1:1 (1:1)BRA BrazilGroup matches2
200313/08/2003Argentina ARG2:0 (1:0)AUS AustraliaGroup matches2
200313/08/2003Costa Rica CRC1:1 (0:1)NGA NigeriaGroup matches2
200926/10/2009United Arab Emirates UAE2:0 (0:0)MWI MalawiFirst stage2
200928/10/2009New Zealand NZL1:1 (0:1)BFA Burkina FasoFirst stage2
200925/10/2009Costa Rica CRC1:1 (1:1)NZL New ZealandFirst stage2
200929/10/2009Uruguay URU2:0 (0:0)ALG AlgeriaFirst stage2
200925/10/2009Iran IRN2:0 (1:0)GAM GambiaFirst stage2
200931/10/2009New Zealand NZL1:1 (0:1)TUR TurkeyFirst stage2
200924/10/2009Mexico MEX0:2 (0:2)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage2
200516/09/2005Uruguay URU0:2 (0:0)MEX MexicoGroup matches2
200516/09/2005China PR CHN1:1 (1:1)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches2
200516/09/2005Peru PER1:1 (1:0)GHA GhanaGroup matches2
200522/09/2005Costa Rica CRC2:0 (1:0)PER PeruGroup matches2
200522/09/2005Ghana GHA1:1 (0:0)CHN China PRGroup matches2
200523/09/2005USA USA1:1 (1:0)CIV Côte d'IvoireGroup matches2
200523/09/2005Italy ITA1:1 (0:1)PRK Korea DPRGroup matches2
200523/09/2005Gambia GAM0:2 (0:1)NED NetherlandsGroup matches2
200905/11/2009Mexico MEX1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0) 3:5 PSOKOR Korea RepublicRound of 162
200519/09/2005Ghana GHA1:1 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches2
200526/09/2005USA USA0:2 (0:1)NED NetherlandsQuarter-finals2
200519/09/2005Peru PER0:1 (0:1)CHN China PRGroup matches1
200516/09/2005Turkey TUR1:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaGroup matches1
200927/10/2009Brazil BRA0:1 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage1
200924/10/2009Honduras HON0:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage1
200930/10/2009Switzerland SUI1:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage1
200927/10/2009Nigeria NGA1:0 (0:0)HON HondurasFirst stage1
200931/10/2009Netherlands NED0:1 (0:1)IRN IranFirst stage1
200926/10/2009Algeria ALG0:1 (0:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage1
200929/10/2009USA USA1:0 (0:0)MWI MalawiFirst stage1
200925/10/2009Turkey TUR1:0 (1:0)BFA Burkina FasoFirst stage1
200901/11/2009USA USA1:0 (1:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage1
200330/08/2003Brazil BRA1:0 (1:0)ESP SpainFinal1
200319/08/2003Nigeria NGA0:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaGroup matches1
200729/08/2007Ghana GHA1:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilRound of 161
200726/08/2007Tunisia TUN1:0 (0:0)TJK TajikistanFirst stage1
200723/08/2007Tajikistan TJK0:1 (0:0)BEL BelgiumFirst stage1
201118/06/2011Japan JPN1:0 (0:0)JAM JamaicaFirst stage1
201123/06/2011Australia AUS0:1 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage1
201325/10/2013Sweden SWE0:1 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage1
201122/06/2011Czech Republic CZE1:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage1
201122/06/2011Uruguay URU1:0 (0:0)RWA RwandaFirst stage1
200915/11/2009Switzerland SUI1:0 (0:0)NGA NigeriaFinal1
200915/11/2009Colombia COL0:1 (0:0)ESP SpainMatch for third place1
201118/06/2011Congo CGO1:0 (0:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage1
201120/06/2011Burkina Faso BFA0:1 (0:1)PAN PanamaFirst stage1
201328/10/2013Honduras HON1:0 (0:0)UZB UzbekistanRound of 161
201321/10/2013Tunisia TUN1:0 (0:0)RUS RussiaFirst stage1
201321/10/2013Croatia CRO1:0 (1:0)PAN PanamaFirst stage1
201318/10/2013Russia RUS0:1 (0:1)JPN JapanFirst stage1
201325/10/2013Austria AUT0:1 (0:1)IRN IranFirst stage1
201317/10/2013Côte d'Ivoire CIV0:1 (0:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage1
201320/10/2013Italy ITA1:0 (0:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage1
200117/09/2001Spain ESP0:1 (0:1)BFA Burkina FasoFirst stage1
200117/09/2001Mali MLI1:0 (1:0)IRN IranFirst stage1
198531/07/1985Guinea GUI1:0 (0:0)USA USAFirst stage1
198531/07/1985Australia AUS1:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage1
200127/09/2001Nigeria NGA1:0 (1:0)BFA Burkina FasoSecond stage1
198531/07/1985Nigeria NGA1:0 (0:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage1
199916/11/1999USA USA1:0 (0:0)URU UruguayFirst stage1
199916/11/1999Spain ESP0:1 (0:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage1
199917/11/1999Australia AUS1:0 (1:0)MLI MaliFirst stage1
200114/09/2001USA USA0:1 (0:1)JPN JapanFirst stage1
200114/09/2001Australia AUS0:1 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage1
200116/09/2001Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:1 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage1
199912/11/1999Jamaica JAM0:1 (0:1)BFA Burkina FasoFirst stage1
199921/11/1999Australia AUS1:0 (0:0)QAT QatarSecond stage1
198504/08/1985Australia AUS1:0 (1:0)FRG Germany FRFirst stage1
198502/08/1985Brazil BRA0:1 (0:0)HUN HungaryFirst stage1
198714/07/1987Côte d'Ivoire CIV1:0 (0:0)USA USAFirst stage1
198714/07/1987Korea Republic KOR0:1 (0:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage1
198716/07/1987Italy ITA1:0 (0:0)EGY EgyptFirst stage1
198712/07/1987Saudi Arabia KSA0:1 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage1
198712/07/1987USA USA1:0 (0:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage1
198712/07/1987Qatar QAT1:0 (1:0)EGY EgyptFirst stage1
198912/06/1989Ghana GHA0:1 (0:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage1
198910/06/1989German Democratic Republic GDR1:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage1
198910/06/1989USA USA1:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage1
198912/06/1989China PR CHN1:0 (1:0)CAN CanadaFirst stage1
198719/07/1987Australia AUS0:1 (0:0)NGA NigeriaSecond stage1
198722/07/1987Italy ITA0:1 (0:0)NGA NigeriaSecond stage1
198716/07/1987Côte d'Ivoire CIV1:0 (0:0)ECU EcuadorFirst stage1
198716/07/1987Nigeria NGA0:1 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage1
198717/07/1987Brazil BRA0:1 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage1
199707/09/1997Argentina ARG1:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage1
199708/09/1997Mali MLI0:1 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage1
200724/08/2007Peru PER1:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage1
200724/08/2007Korea DPR PRK1:0 (0:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage1
200718/08/2007Korea Republic KOR0:1 (0:1)PER PeruFirst stage1
199506/08/1995Qatar QAT0:1 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage1
199705/09/1997Chile CHI0:1 (0:0)GER GermanyFirst stage1
199326/08/1993China PR CHN0:1 (0:1)TUN TunisiaFirst stage1
199329/08/1993Ghana GHA1:0 a.e.t.AUS AustraliaSecond stage1
199503/08/1995Ghana GHA1:0 (0:0)JPN JapanFirst stage1
199131/08/1991Ghana GHA1:0 (0:0)ESP SpainSecond stage1
199321/08/1993Japan JPN0:1 (0:1)GHA GhanaFirst stage1
199128/08/1991Argentina ARG0:1 (0:1)ESP SpainSecond stage1
199118/08/1991Uruguay URU0:1 (0:0)ESP SpainFirst stage1
199122/08/1991Cuba CUB0:1 (0:0)URU UruguayFirst stage1
199122/08/1991Sudan SDN0:1 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage1
199120/08/1991Qatar QAT0:1 (0:1)MEX MexicoFirst stage1
199122/08/1991Qatar QAT1:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaFirst stage1
198914/06/1989Colombia COL0:1 (0:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaFirst stage1
198920/06/1989Bahrain BHR0:1 (0:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaSecond stage1
198920/06/1989Portugal POR0:1 (0:0)SCO ScotlandSecond stage1
198917/06/1989German Democratic Republic GDR0:1 (0:0)SCO ScotlandSecond stage1
199116/08/1991Italy ITA0:1 (0:1)USA USAFirst stage1
199120/08/1991USA USA1:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage1
199122/08/1991Italy ITA0:0ARG ArgentinaFirst stage0
199117/08/1991Congo CGO0:0QAT QatarFirst stage0
198917/06/1989Nigeria NGA0:0 a.e.t. 0:2 PSOKSA Saudi ArabiaSecond stage0
198917/06/1989Bahrain BHR0:0 a.e.t. 4:1 PSOBRA BrazilSecond stage0
199128/08/1991Qatar QAT0:0 a.e.t. 2:4 PSOGHA GhanaSecond stage0
199324/08/1993Japan JPN0:0ITA ItalyFirst stage0
199705/09/1997Argentina ARG0:0GHA GhanaFirst stage0
199506/08/1995Brazil BRA0:0OMA OmanFirst stage0
199508/08/1995Ecuador ECU0:0JPN JapanFirst stage0
200721/08/2007Togo TOG0:0PER PeruFirst stage0
199714/09/1997Germany GER0:0 a.e.t. 4:3 PSOMLI MaliSecond stage0
198910/06/1989Scotland SCO0:0GHA GhanaFirst stage0
198912/06/1989Argentina ARG0:0NGA NigeriaFirst stage0
198910/06/1989Argentina ARG0:0CHN China PRFirst stage0
198712/07/1987Brazil BRA0:0FRA FranceFirst stage0
198715/07/1987Brazil BRA0:0KSA Saudi ArabiaFirst stage0
198507/08/1985Australia AUS0:0 a.e.t. 2:4 PSOGUI GuineaSecond stage0
199927/11/1999Australia AUS0:0 a.e.t. 7:8 PSOBRA BrazilSecond stage0
199914/11/1999Brazil BRA0:0MLI MaliFirst stage0
199917/11/1999Germany GER0:0BRA BrazilFirst stage0
199912/11/1999Mali MLI0:0GER GermanyFirst stage0
198531/07/1985Mexico MEX0:0HUN HungaryFirst stage0
198502/08/1985Saudi Arabia KSA0:0NGA NigeriaFirst stage0
201321/10/2013Uzbekistan UZB0:0MAR MoroccoFirst stage0
201125/06/2011Canada CAN0:0RWA RwandaFirst stage0
201125/06/2011USA USA0:0NZL New ZealandFirst stage0
200719/08/2007Argentina ARG0:0SYR SyriaFirst stage0
200313/08/2003Mexico MEX0:0COL ColombiaGroup matches0
200709/09/2007Spain ESP0:0 a.e.t. 0:3 PSONGA NigeriaFinal0
200901/11/2009Italy ITA0:0URU UruguayFirst stage0
200928/10/2009Iran IRN0:0COL ColombiaFirst stage0