FIFA Confederations Cup

Matches with the most goals
199901/08/1999Brazil BRA8:2 (4:2)KSA Saudi ArabiaSemi-finals10
201320/06/2013Spain ESP10:0 (4:0)TAH TahitiFirst stage10
201323/06/2013Uruguay URU8:0 (4:0)TAH TahitiFirst stage8
201319/06/2013Italy ITA4:3 (1:2)JPN JapanFirst stage7
200529/06/2005Germany GER4:3 a.e.t. (3:3, 2:1)MEX MexicoThird place7
201317/06/2013Tahiti TAH1:6 (0:3)NGA NigeriaFirst stage7
200515/06/2005Germany GER4:3 (2:2)AUS AustraliaGroup matches7
199904/08/1999Mexico MEX4:3 (2:1)BRA BrazilFinal7
200915/06/2009Brazil BRA4:3 (3:1)EGY EgyptFirst stage7
199717/12/1997United Arab Emirates UAE1:6 (0:4)CZE Czech RepublicGroup matches7
199717/12/1997Uruguay URU4:3 (2:1)RSA South AfricaGroup matches7
USA USA5:2 (2:1)CIV Ivory CoastMatch for third place7
199508/01/1995Japan JPN1:5 (0:2)ARG Argentina 6
199925/07/1999Mexico MEX5:1 (3:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaGroup matches6
199929/07/1999Egypt EGY1:5 (0:2)KSA Saudi ArabiaGroup matches6
199721/12/1997Brazil BRA6:0 (3:0)AUS AustraliaFinal6
200518/06/2005Australia AUS2:4 (0:2)ARG ArgentinaGroup matches6
201322/06/2013Italy ITA2:4 (0:1)BRA BrazilFirst stage6
200529/06/2005Brazil BRA4:1 (2:0)ARG ArgentinaFinal5
200525/06/2005Germany GER2:3 (2:2)BRA BrazilSemi-finals5
200326/06/2003France FRA3:2 (3:1)TUR TurkeySemi-finals5
200928/06/2009USA USA2:3 (2:0)BRA BrazilFinal5
200928/06/2009Spain ESP3:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 0:0)RSA South AfricaMatch for third place5
200322/06/2003France FRA5:0 (2:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches5
199714/12/1997Saudi Arabia KSA0:5 (0:1)MEX MexicoGroup matches5
199716/12/1997Brazil BRA3:2 (1:0)MEX MexicoGroup matches5
200914/06/2009New Zealand NZL0:5 (0:4)ESP SpainFirst stage5
200130/05/2001France FRA5:0 (3:0)KOR Korea Republic 5
199927/07/1999Mexico MEX2:2 (2:0)EGY EgyptGroup matches4
200103/06/2001France FRA4:0 (1:0)MEX Mexico 4
200915/06/2009USA USA1:3 (1:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage4
199713/12/1997South Africa RSA2:2 (1:2)CZE Czech RepublicGroup matches4
199712/12/1997Mexico MEX1:3 (0:1)AUS AustraliaGroup matches4
199216/10/1992Argentina ARG4:0 (2:0)CIV Ivory CoastSemi-finals4
199924/07/1999Brazil BRA4:0 (0:0)GER GermanyGroup matches4
199925/07/1999Bolivia BOL2:2 (2:1)EGY EgyptGroup matches4
Argentina ARG3:1 (2:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaFinal4
200323/06/2003Brazil BRA2:2 (1:0)TUR TurkeyGroup matches4
200320/06/2003Colombia COL3:1 (0:1)NZL New ZealandGroup matches4
200521/06/2005Argentina ARG2:2 (1:1)GER GermanyGroup matches4
200522/06/2005Japan JPN2:2 (1:2)BRA BrazilGroup matches4
201330/06/2013Uruguay URU2:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 0:1) 2:3 PSOITA Italy 4
201323/06/2013Nigeria NGA0:3 (0:1)ESP SpainFirst stage3
201316/06/2013Spain ESP2:1 (2:0)URU UruguayFirst stage3
201315/06/2013Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)JPN JapanFirst stage3
201320/06/2013Nigeria NGA1:2 (1:1)URU UruguayFirst stage3
201322/06/2013Japan JPN1:2 (0:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage3
201330/06/2013Brazil BRA3:0 (2:0)ESP SpainFinal3
201316/06/2013Mexico MEX1:2 (1:1)ITA ItalyFirst stage3
201326/06/2013Brazil BRA2:1 (1:0)URU UruguaySemi-finals3
200515/06/2005Argentina ARG2:1 (1:0)TUN TunisiaGroup matches3
200328/06/2003Colombia COL1:2 (0:1)TUR TurkeyThird place3
200516/06/2005Japan JPN1:2 (1:1)MEX MexicoGroup matches3
200516/06/2005Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)GRE GreeceGroup matches3
200518/06/2005Tunisia TUN0:3 (0:0)GER GermanyGroup matches3
200320/06/2003France FRA2:1 (1:0)JPN JapanGroup matches3
200318/06/2003New Zealand NZL0:3 (0:1)JPN JapanGroup matches3
200319/06/2003Turkey TUR2:1 (1:1)USA USAGroup matches3
199506/01/1995Japan JPN0:3 (0:1)NGA Nigeria 3
199924/07/1999New Zealand NZL1:2 (0:1)USA USAGroup matches3
USA USA0:3 (0:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaSemi-finals3
199715/12/1997Czech Republic CZE1:2 (0:1)URU UruguayGroup matches3
199712/12/1997Saudi Arabia KSA0:3 (0:0)BRA BrazilGroup matches3
200921/06/2009Italy ITA0:3 (0:3)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
200921/06/2009Egypt EGY0:3 (0:1)USA USAFirst stage3
200918/06/2009USA USA0:3 (0:2)BRA BrazilFirst stage3
200107/06/2001France FRA2:1 (1:1)BRA BrazilSemi-finals3
200131/05/2001Japan JPN3:0 (0:0)CAN Canada 3
200101/06/2001Korea Republic KOR2:1 (0:0)MEX Mexico 3
200102/06/2001Cameroon CMR0:2 (0:1)JPN Japan 2
200130/05/2001Mexico MEX0:2 (0:1)AUS Australia 2
200131/05/2001Brazil BRA2:0 (0:0)CMR Cameroon 2
199903/08/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaMatch for third place2
199930/07/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)GER GermanyGroup matches2
199930/07/1999New Zealand NZL0:2 (0:1)BRA BrazilGroup matches2
200920/06/2009Spain ESP2:0 (0:0)RSA South AfricaFirst stage2
200104/06/2001Cameroon CMR2:0 (0:0)CAN Canada 2
199713/12/1997United Arab Emirates UAE0:2 (0:1)URU UruguayGroup matches2
199719/12/1997Brazil BRA2:0 (0:0)CZE Czech RepublicSemi-finals2
199928/07/1999Germany GER2:0 (2:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches2
199506/01/1995Saudi Arabia KSA0:2 (0:0)MEX Mexico 2
Saudi Arabia KSA0:2 (0:1)DEN Denmark 2
Denmark DEN1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1) 4:2 PSOMEX Mexico 2
199513/01/1995Mexico MEX1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1) 5:4 PSONGA NigeriaMatch for third place2
199513/01/1995Denmark DEN2:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaFinal2
200924/06/2009Spain ESP0:2 (0:1)USA USASemi-finals2
200917/06/2009South Africa RSA2:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage2
200521/06/2005Australia AUS0:2 (0:1)TUN TunisiaGroup matches2
200526/06/2005Mexico MEX1:1 a.e.t. 5:6 PSOARG ArgentinaSemi-finals2
201319/06/2013Brazil BRA2:0 (1:0)MEX MexicoFirst stage2
200519/06/2005Mexico MEX1:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilGroup matches1
200519/06/2005Greece GRE0:1 (0:0)JPN JapanGroup matches1
200326/06/2003Cameroon CMR1:0 (1:0)COL ColombiaSemi-finals1
200329/06/2003Cameroon CMR0:1 a.e.t.FRA FranceFinal1
200925/06/2009Brazil BRA1:0 (0:0)RSA South AfricaSemi-finals1
200319/06/2003Brazil BRA0:1 (0:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches1
200318/06/2003France FRA1:0 (1:0)COL ColombiaGroup matches1
200321/06/2003Cameroon CMR1:0 (0:0)TUR TurkeyGroup matches1
200321/06/2003Brazil BRA1:0 (1:0)USA USAGroup matches1
200322/06/2003Japan JPN0:1 (0:0)COL ColombiaGroup matches1
199928/07/1999Brazil BRA1:0 (1:0)USA USAGroup matches1
199719/12/1997Uruguay URU0:1 a.e.t.0:1AUS AustraliaSemi-finals1
199721/12/1997Czech Republic CZE1:0 (0:0)URU UruguayMatch for third place1
199716/12/1997Saudi Arabia KSA1:0 (1:0)AUS AustraliaGroup matches1
199715/12/1997United Arab Emirates UAE1:0 (1:0)RSA South AfricaGroup matches1
200917/06/2009Spain ESP1:0 (0:0)IRQ IraqFirst stage1
200107/06/2001Japan JPN1:0 (1:0)AUS AustraliaSemi-finals1
200109/06/2001Australia AUS1:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilMatch for third place1
200110/06/2001Japan JPN0:1 (0:1)FRA FranceFinal1
200918/06/2009Egypt EGY1:0 (1:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage1
199901/08/1999Mexico MEX1:0 a.e.t.USA USASemi-finals1
199929/07/1999Bolivia BOL0:1 (0:0)MEX MexicoGroup matches1
200103/06/2001Korea Republic KOR1:0 (1:0)AUS Australia 1
200101/06/2001Australia AUS1:0 (0:0)FRA France 1
200102/06/2001Canada CAN0:0BRA Brazil 0
200104/06/2001Brazil BRA0:0JPN Japan 0
200914/06/2009South Africa RSA0:0IRQ IraqFirst stage0
200920/06/2009Iraq IRQ0:0NZL New ZealandFirst stage0
199714/12/1997Australia AUS0:0BRA BrazilGroup matches0
199927/07/1999Saudi Arabia KSA0:0BOL BoliviaGroup matches0
199510/01/1995Nigeria NGA0:0ARG Argentina 0
200323/06/2003USA USA0:0CMR CameroonGroup matches0
200522/06/2005Greece GRE0:0MEX MexicoGroup matches0
201327/06/2013Spain ESP0:0 a.e.t. 7:6 PSOITA ItalySemi-finals0