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Finland Jari LITMANEN


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998, 2010361651582100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Hamburg 14/10/2009Germany GER1:1 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2010Helsinki 10/10/2009Finland FIN2:1 (1:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
2010Vaduz 09/09/2009Liechtenstein LIE1:1 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2010Lankaran 05/09/2009Azerbaijan AZE1:2 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2010Helsinki 10/06/2009Finland FIN0:3 (0:1)RUS RussiaFirst stage
2010Helsinki 06/06/2009Finland FIN2:1 (1:1)LIE LiechtensteinFirst stage
2010Cardiff 28/03/2009Wales WAL0:2 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2010Moscow 15/10/2008Russia RUS3:0 (1:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2010Helsinki 11/10/2008Finland FIN1:0 (0:0)AZE AzerbaijanFirst stage
2006Skopje 17/08/2005FYR Macedonia MKD0:3 (0:2)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2006Helsinki 08/06/2005Finland FIN0:4 (0:1)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
2006Teplice 26/03/2005Czech Republic CZE4:3 (2:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2006Yerevan 08/09/2004Armenia ARM0:2 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2006Tampere 04/09/2004Finland FIN3:0 (1:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Bucharest 18/08/2004Romania ROU2:1 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2002Helsinki 05/09/2001Finland FIN5:1 (4:1)GRE GreeceFirst stage
2002Tirana 01/09/2001Albania ALB0:2 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2002Helsinki 02/06/2001Finland FIN2:2 (2:0)GER GermanyFirst stage
2002Liverpool 24/03/2001England ENG2:1 (1:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2002Athens 07/10/2000Greece GRE1:0 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
2002Helsinki 02/09/2000Finland FIN2:1 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
1998Helsinki 11/10/1997Finland FIN1:1 (0:0)HUN HungaryFirst stage
1998Lausanne 06/09/1997Switzerland SUI1:2 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1998Helsinki 20/08/1997Finland FIN0:4 (0:2)NOR NorwayFirst stage
1998Helsinki 08/06/1997Finland FIN3:0 (0:0)AZE AzerbaijanFirst stage
1998Oslo 30/04/1997Norway NOR1:1 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1998Baku 02/04/1997Azerbaijan AZE1:2 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Tel Aviv 10/11/1993Israel ISR1:3 (0:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Solna 13/10/1993Sweden SWE3:2 (2:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Tampere 08/09/1993Finland FIN0:2 (0:0)FRA FranceFirst stage
1994Vienna 25/08/1993Austria AUT3:0 (2:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Turku 13/05/1993Finland FIN3:1 (2:0)AUT AustriaFirst stage
1994Sofia 28/04/1993Bulgaria BUL2:0 (2:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Paris 14/11/1992France FRA2:1 (2:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1994Helsinki 09/09/1992Finland FIN0:1 (0:0)SWE SwedenFirst stage
1994Helsinki 14/05/1992Finland FIN0:3 (0:0)BUL BulgariaFirst stage

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