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Barbados Gregory GOODRIDGE


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier199819631030400
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2006Basseterre 19/06/2004St. Kitts and Nevis SKN3:2 (3:2)BRB BarbadosFirst stage
2006Bridgetown 13/06/2004Barbados BRB0:2 (0:0)SKN St. Kitts and NevisFirst stage
2002Bridgetown 15/11/2000Barbados BRB0:4 (0:0)USA USASemi-finals
2002San Jose 03/09/2000Costa Rica CRC3:0 (2:0)BRB BarbadosSemi-finals
2002Foxboro 16/08/2000USA USA7:0 (3:0)BRB BarbadosSemi-finals
2002Quetzaltenango 22/07/2000Guatemala GUA2:0 (1:0)BRB BarbadosSemi-finals
2002Bridgetown 16/07/2000Barbados BRB2:1 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
2002Bridgetown 21/05/2000Barbados BRB1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0) 5:4 PSOCUB CubaCaribbean 3rd Round
2002Havana 07/05/2000Cuba CUB1:1 (1:1)BRB BarbadosCaribbean 3rd Round
2002Bridgetown 16/04/2000Barbados BRB4:0 (1:0)ARU ArubaCaribbean 2nd Round
2002Oranjestad 01/04/2000Aruba ARU1:3 (0:2)BRB BarbadosCaribbean 2nd Round
2002St. George's 18/03/2000Grenada GRN2:3 a.e.t. (2:2, 1:2)BRB BarbadosCaribbean 1st Round
2002Bridgetown 05/03/2000Barbados BRB2:2 (1:0)GRN GrenadaCaribbean 1st Round
1998Kingston 30/06/1996Jamaica JAM2:0 (1:0)BRB BarbadosThird round
1998Bridgetown 23/06/1996Barbados BRB0:1 (0:0)JAM JamaicaThird round
1998Bridgetown 19/05/1996Barbados BRB1:0 (0:0)DMA DominicaSecond round
1998Roseau 14/05/1996Dominica DMA0:1 (0:0)BRB BarbadosSecond round
1994Port Of Spain 31/05/1992Trinidad and Tobago TRI3:0 (0:0)BRB BarbadosCaribbean Zone
1994Bridgetown 19/04/1992Barbados BRB1:2 (0:1)TRI Trinidad and TobagoCaribbean Zone