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South Africa

South Africa Phil MASINGA


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA Confederations Cup1997301200100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998971151300
FIFA World Cup™ Final1998201100000
FIFA Confederations Cup
1997Riyadh 17/12/1997Uruguay URU4:3 (2:1)RSA South AfricaGroup matches
1997Riyadh 15/12/1997United Arab Emirates UAE1:0 (1:0)RSA South AfricaGroup matches
1997Riyadh 13/12/1997South Africa RSA2:2 (1:2)CZE Czech RepublicGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2002Blantyre 25/02/2001Malawi MWI1:2 (0:1)RSA South AfricaSecond stage
1998Johannesburg 16/08/1997South Africa RSA1:0 (1:0)CGO CongoSecond stage
1998Johannesburg 08/06/1997South Africa RSA3:0 (2:0)ZAM ZambiaSecond stage
1998Lome 27/04/1997Congo DR COD1:2 (1:1)RSA South AfricaSecond stage
1998Lusaka 11/01/1997Zambia ZAM0:0RSA South AfricaSecond stage
1998Johannesburg 09/11/1996South Africa RSA1:0 (0:0)COD Congo DRSecond stage
1998Blantyre 01/06/1996Malawi MWI0:1 (0:1)RSA South AfricaFirst stage
1994Johannesburg 24/10/1992South Africa RSA1:0 (1:0)CGO CongoFirst stage
1994Lagos 10/10/1992Nigeria NGA4:0 (1:0)RSA South AfricaFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™
1998Bordeaux 24/06/1998South Africa RSA2:2 (1:1)KSA Saudi ArabiaGroup matches
1998Toulouse 18/06/1998South Africa RSA1:1 (0:1)DEN DenmarkGroup matches
1998Marseilles 12/06/1998France FRA3:0 (1:0)RSA South AfricaGroup matches

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  • South Africa’s Phil Masinga strikes the only goal against Congo in 1997 that clinched his country a place at the following year’s FIFA World Cup