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Record at FIFA Tournaments
Olympic Football Tournament Final1992311100000
FIFA Confederations Cup1992, 1999530210000
FIFA World Cup™ Final1994, 1998, 20021021700000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier199827138630301
Men's Olympic Football Tournament
1992Zaragoza 29/07/1992USA USA2:2 (1:2)POL PolandGroup matches
1992Zaragoza 27/07/1992USA USA3:1 (0:1)KUW KuwaitGroup matches
1992Barcelona 24/07/1992Italy ITA2:1 (2:0)USA USAGroup matches
FIFA Confederations Cup
1999Guadalajara 03/08/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)KSA Saudi ArabiaMatch for third place
1999Mexico City 01/08/1999Mexico MEX1:0 a.e.t.USA USASemi-finals
1999Guadalajara 28/07/1999Brazil BRA1:0 (1:0)USA USAGroup matches
1999Guadalajara 24/07/1999New Zealand NZL1:2 (0:1)USA USAGroup matches
1992Riyadh USA USA5:2 (2:1)CIV Ivory CoastMatch for third place
FIFA World Cup™
2002Ulsan 21/06/2002Germany GER1:0 (1:0)USA USAQuarter-finals
2002Jeonju 17/06/2002Mexico MEX0:2 (0:1)USA USARound of 16
2002Daejeon 14/06/2002Poland POL3:1 (2:0)USA USAGroup matches
2002Suwon 05/06/2002USA USA3:2 (3:1)POR PortugalGroup matches
1998Nantes 25/06/1998USA USA0:1 (0:1)YUG YugoslaviaGroup matches
1998Lyon 21/06/1998USA USA1:2 (0:1)IRN IranGroup matches
1998Paris 15/06/1998Germany GER2:0 (1:0)USA USAGroup matches
1994San Francisco 04/07/1994Brazil BRA1:0 (0:0)USA USARound of 16
1994Los Angeles 26/06/1994USA USA0:1 (0:1)ROU RomaniaGroup matches
1994Detroit 18/06/1994USA USA1:1 (1:1)SUI SwitzerlandGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2006San Salvador 09/10/2004El Salvador SLV0:2 (0:1)USA USASecond stage
2006Panama City 08/09/2004Panama PAN1:1 (0:0)USA USASecond stage
2006Foxboro/Boston 04/09/2004USA USA2:0 (1:0)SLV El SalvadorSecond stage
2006Kingston 18/08/2004Jamaica JAM1:1 (0:0)USA USASecond stage
2002Foxboro 07/10/2001USA USA2:1 (1:1)JAM JamaicaFinal round
2002San Jose 05/09/2001Costa Rica CRC2:0 (1:0)USA USAFinal round
2002Washington Dc 01/09/2001USA USA2:3 (1:1)HON HondurasFinal round
2002Mexico City 01/07/2001Mexico MEX1:0 (1:0)USA USAFinal round
2002San Pedro Sula 28/03/2001Honduras HON1:2 (0:1)USA USAFinal round
2002Columbus 28/02/2001USA USA2:0 (0:0)MEX MexicoFinal round
2002Bridgetown 15/11/2000Barbados BRB0:4 (0:0)USA USASemi-finals
2002Columbus 11/10/2000USA USA0:0CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
2002Washington Dc 03/09/2000USA USA1:0 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaSemi-finals
2002Foxboro 16/08/2000USA USA7:0 (3:0)BRB BarbadosSemi-finals
2002San Jose 23/07/2000Costa Rica CRC2:1 (1:0)USA USASemi-finals
2002Mazatenango 16/07/2000Guatemala GUA1:1 (0:1)USA USASemi-finals
1998Foxboro 16/11/1997USA USA4:2 (2:0)SLV El SalvadorFinal round
1998Burnaby 09/11/1997Canada CAN0:3 (0:1)USA USAFinal round
1998Mexico City 02/11/1997Mexico MEX0:0USA USAFinal round
1998Washington Dc 03/10/1997USA USA1:1 (0:0)JAM JamaicaFinal round
1998San Salvador 29/06/1997El Salvador SLV1:1 (0:0)USA USAFinal round
1998San Jose 23/03/1997Costa Rica CRC3:2 (2:1)USA USAFinal round
1998Kingston 02/03/1997Jamaica JAM0:0USA USAFinal round
1998Palo Alto 14/12/1996USA USA2:1 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
1998San Jose 01/12/1996Costa Rica CRC2:1 (1:0)USA USASemi-finals
1998Port Of Spain 24/11/1996Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:1 (0:1)USA USASemi-finals
1998Washington Dc 03/11/1996USA USA2:0 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaSemi-finals

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