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Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1990, 1994, 1998, 2002257711106100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2002Cardiff 28/03/2001Wales WAL1:1 (1:0)UKR UkraineFirst stage
2002Yerevan 24/03/2001Armenia ARM2:2 (1:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
1998Brussels 11/10/1997Belgium BEL3:2 (3:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1998Istanbul 20/08/1997Turkey TUR6:4 (3:3)WAL WalesFirst stage
1998Cardiff 29/03/1997Wales WAL1:2 (0:2)BEL BelgiumFirst stage
1998Cardiff 14/12/1996Wales WAL0:0TUR TurkeyFirst stage
1998Eindhoven 09/11/1996Netherlands NED7:1 (4:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
1998Cardiff 05/10/1996Wales WAL1:3 (1:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1998Cardiff 31/08/1996Wales WAL6:0 (4:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
1998Serravalle 02/06/1996San Marino SMR0:5 (0:3)WAL WalesFirst stage
1994Cardiff 17/11/1993Wales WAL1:2 (0:1)ROU RomaniaFirst stage
1994Cardiff 13/10/1993Wales WAL2:0 (0:0)CYP CyprusFirst stage
1994Cardiff 08/09/1993Wales WAL2:2 (2:1)TCH RCSFirst stage
1994Toftir 06/06/1993Faroe Islands FRO0:3 (0:2)WAL WalesFirst stage
1994Ostrava 28/04/1993RCS TCH1:1 (1:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
1994Cardiff 31/03/1993Wales WAL2:0 (2:0)BEL BelgiumFirst stage
1994Brussels 18/11/1992Belgium BEL2:0 (0:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1994Limassol 14/10/1992Cyprus CYP0:1 (0:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1994Cardiff 09/09/1992Wales WAL6:0 (3:0)FRO Faroe IslandsFirst stage
1994Bucharest 20/05/1992Romania ROU5:1 (5:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1990Cologne 15/11/1989Germany FR FRG2:1 (1:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
1990Wrexham 11/10/1989Wales WAL1:2 (0:1)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1990Helsinki 06/09/1989Finland FIN1:0 (0:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1990Cardiff 31/05/1989Wales WAL0:0FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1990Swansea 19/10/1988Wales WAL2:2 (2:2)FIN FinlandFirst stage

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