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New Zealand

New Zealand Wynton RUFER


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1982300300000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier19981052373000
FIFA World Cup™
1982Seville 23/06/1982Brazil BRA4:0 (2:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
1982Malaga 19/06/1982Soviet Union URS3:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
1982Malaga 15/06/1982Scotland SCO5:2 (3:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1998Auckland 28/06/1997New Zealand NZL0:3 (0:2)AUS AustraliaThird stage
1998Auckland 18/06/1997New Zealand NZL5:0 (1:0)FIJ FijiSecond stage
1998Auckland 11/06/1997New Zealand NZL7:0 (5:0)PNG Papua New GuineaSecond stage
1990Tel Aviv 05/03/1989Israel ISR1:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandFinal round
1990Auckland 15/12/1988New Zealand NZL4:1 (3:0)TPE Chinese TaipeiFirst stage
1986Sydney 03/11/1985Australia AUS2:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage
1986Auckland 26/10/1985New Zealand NZL3:1 (2:1)ISR IsraelFirst stage
1986Auckland 21/09/1985New Zealand NZL0:0AUS AustraliaFirst stage
1982Riyadh 19/12/1981Saudi Arabia KSA0:5 (0:5)NZL New ZealandFinal round
1982Kuwait City 14/12/1981Kuwait KUW2:2 (1:0)NZL New ZealandFinal round

Latest News


  • Oceania Player of the Century Wynton Rufer arrives with the FIFA U-20 World Cup Trophy at the sacred Waitangi Treaty grounds via waka.