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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Alan McDONALD


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1986301200000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1986, 1990, 19941864811300
FIFA World Cup™
1986Guadalajara 12/06/1986Northern Ireland NIR0:3 (0:2)BRA BrazilGroup matches
1986Guadalajara 07/06/1986Northern Ireland NIR1:2 (0:2)ESP SpainGroup matches
1986Guadalajara 03/06/1986Algeria ALG1:1 (0:1)NIR Northern IrelandGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1994Belfast 17/11/1993Northern Ireland NIR1:1 (0:0)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
1994Copenhagen 13/10/1993Denmark DEN1:0 (0:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Riga 02/06/1993Latvia LVA1:2 (0:2)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Vilnius 25/05/1993Lithuania LTU0:1 (0:1)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Seville 28/04/1993Spain ESP3:1 (3:1)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Dublin 31/03/1993Republic of Ireland IRL3:0 (3:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Tirana 17/02/1993Albania ALB1:2 (0:2)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1994Belfast 18/11/1992Northern Ireland NIR0:1 (0:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage
1994Belfast 14/10/1992Northern Ireland NIR0:0ESP SpainFirst stage
1994Belfast 09/09/1992Northern Ireland NIR3:0 (3:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
1994Belfast 28/04/1992Northern Ireland NIR2:2 (2:1)LTU LithuaniaFirst stage
1990Dublin 11/10/1989Republic of Ireland IRL3:0 (1:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1990Belfast 06/09/1989Northern Ireland NIR1:2 (0:2)HUN HungaryFirst stage
1990Seville 21/12/1988Spain ESP4:0 (1:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1990Budapest 19/10/1988Hungary HUN1:0 (0:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1990Belfast 14/09/1988Northern Ireland NIR0:0IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
1990Belfast 21/05/1988Northern Ireland NIR3:0 (3:0)MLT MaltaFirst stage
1986Bucharest 16/10/1985Romania ROU0:1 (0:1)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage

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    • Brazil's goalkeeper Carlos clears the ball with defender Edinho as Northern Ireland's Alan McDonald.