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Guatemala Julio GOMEZ


Record at FIFA Tournaments
Olympic Football Tournament Final1976302100000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1974, 1978, 1982, 19862378833000
Men's Olympic Football Tournament
1976Sherbrooke 23/07/1976Mexico MEX1:1 (1:1)GUA GuatemalaFirst stage
1976Sherbrooke 21/07/1976France FRA4:1 (2:0)GUA GuatemalaFirst stage
1976Toronto 19/07/1976Israel ISR0:0GUA GuatemalaFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1986Port-Au-Prince 26/04/1985Haiti HAI0:1 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaSecond stage
1982San Salvador 21/12/1980El Salvador SLV1:0 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1982Guatemala City 07/12/1980Guatemala GUA0:1 (0:0)HON HondurasCentral Zone
1982San Jose 26/11/1980Costa Rica CRC0:3 (0:1)GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1982Guatemala City 16/11/1980Guatemala GUA5:0 (2:0)PAN PanamaCentral Zone
1982Guatemala City 09/11/1980Guatemala GUA0:0SLV El SalvadorCentral Zone
1982Tegucigalpa 26/10/1980Honduras HON0:0GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1982Guatemala City 12/10/1980Guatemala GUA0:0CRC Costa RicaCentral Zone
1982Panama City 02/07/1980Panama PAN0:2 (0:1)GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1978Mexico City 23/10/1977Guatemala GUA2:2 (0:1)SLV El SalvadorSecond stage
1978Mexico City 19/10/1977Mexico MEX2:1 (1:1)GUA GuatemalaSecond stage
1978Mexico City 16/10/1977Canada CAN2:1 (2:0)GUA GuatemalaSecond stage
1978Monterrey 12/10/1977Guatemala GUA1:2 (0:2)HAI HaitiSecond stage
1978Monterrey 08/10/1977Guatemala GUA3:2 (2:1)SUR SurinameSecond stage
1978San Salvador 19/12/1976El Salvador SLV2:0 (2:0)GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1978Guatemala City 12/12/1976Guatemala GUA1:1 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaCentral Zone
1978Guatemala City 26/09/1976Guatemala GUA7:0 (3:0)PAN PanamaCentral Zone
1978Panama City 17/09/1976Panama PAN2:4 (2:0)GUA GuatemalaCentral Zone
1974Port-Au-Prince 15/12/1973Guatemala GUA1:1 (0:1)HON HondurasFinal round
1974Port-Au-Prince 13/12/1973Haiti HAI2:1 (1:1)GUA GuatemalaFinal round
1974Port-Au-Prince 10/12/1973Trinidad and Tobago TRI1:0 (1:0)GUA GuatemalaFinal round
1974Port-Au-Prince 05/12/1973Netherlands Antilles ANT2:2 (1:1)GUA GuatemalaFinal round
1974Port-Au-Prince 30/11/1973Mexico MEX0:0GUA GuatemalaFinal round