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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland George BEST


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1966, 1970, 1974, 19781253444001
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1978Belfast 12/10/1977Northern Ireland NIR0:1 (0:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1978Belfast 21/09/1977Northern Ireland NIR2:0 (0:0)ISL IcelandFirst stage
1978Liege 10/11/1976Belgium BEL2:0 (1:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1978Rotterdam 13/10/1976Netherlands NED2:2 (0:1)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1974Lisbon 14/11/1973Portugal POR1:1 (1:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1974Sofia 18/10/1972Bulgaria BUL3:0 (1:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1970Belfast 23/10/1968Northern Ireland NIR4:1 (1:1)TUR TurkeyFirst stage
1966Tirana 24/11/1965Albania ALB1:1 (0:0)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1966Belfast 07/05/1965Northern Ireland NIR4:1 (2:1)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
1966Belfast 17/03/1965Northern Ireland NIR2:1 (1:1)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1966Lausanne 14/11/1964Switzerland SUI2:1 (2:1)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
1966Belfast 14/10/1964Northern Ireland NIR1:0 (0:0)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage

Latest News


  • Ex Northern Ireland international George Best at the 2002 FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Northern Ireland and Bulgaria, 2 June, 2001.
  • George Best of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers runs with the ball, 1978.