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Cameroon Stephen TATAW


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1990, 1994831400100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1990, 19941291200300
FIFA World Cup™
1994San Francisco 28/06/1994Russia RUS6:1 (3:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches
1994San Francisco 24/06/1994Brazil BRA3:0 (1:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches
1994Los Angeles 19/06/1994Cameroon CMR2:2 (1:1)SWE SwedenGroup matches
1990Naples 01/07/1990England ENG3:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 1:0)CMR CameroonQuarter-finals
1990Naples 23/06/1990Cameroon CMR2:1 a.e.t.COL ColombiaRound of 16
1990Bari 18/06/1990Cameroon CMR0:4 (0:2)URS Soviet UnionGroup matches
1990Bari 14/06/1990Cameroon CMR2:1 (0:0)ROU RomaniaGroup matches
1990Milan 08/06/1990Argentina ARG0:1 (0:0)CMR CameroonGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1994Yaounde 10/10/1993Cameroon CMR3:1 (2:0)ZIM ZimbabweSecond stage
1994Harare 04/07/1993Zimbabwe ZIM1:0 (0:0)CMR CameroonSecond stage
1994Yaounde 18/04/1993Cameroon CMR3:1 (1:0)GUI GuineaSecond stage
1994Lobamba 17/01/1993Swaziland SWZ0:0CMR CameroonFirst stage
1994Kinshasa 10/01/1993Zaire ZAI1:2 (0:0)CMR CameroonFirst stage
1990Rades 19/11/1989Tunisia TUN0:1 (0:1)CMR CameroonThird stage
1990Yaounde 08/10/1989Cameroon CMR2:0 (0:0)TUN TunisiaThird stage
1990Yaounde 27/08/1989Cameroon CMR1:0 (1:0)NGA NigeriaSecond stage
1990Yaounde 13/08/1989Cameroon CMR2:1 (2:0)GAB GabonSecond stage
1990Luanda 25/06/1989Angola ANG1:2 (1:0)CMR CameroonSecond stage
1990Ibadan 10/06/1989Nigeria NGA2:0 (1:0)CMR CameroonSecond stage
1990Libreville 22/01/1989Gabon GAB1:3 (1:2)CMR CameroonSecond stage

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