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Guatemala Ricardo JEREZ


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 201412813013000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Kansas City 16/10/2012USA USA3:1 (3:1)GUA GuatemalaRound Three
2014Guatemala City 12/10/2012Guatemala GUA2:1 (1:0)JAM JamaicaRound Three
2014St. John's 11/09/2012Antigua and Barbuda ATG0:1 (0:1)GUA GuatemalaRound Three
2014Guatemala City 07/09/2012Guatemala GUA3:1 (0:1)ATG Antigua and BarbudaRound Three
2014Guatemala City 12/06/2012Guatemala GUA1:1 (0:1)USA USARound Three
2014Kingston 08/06/2012Jamaica JAM2:1 (1:0)GUA GuatemalaRound Three
2014St. George's 15/11/2011Grenada GRN1:4 (1:0)GUA Guatemalaround87
2014Guatemala City 11/10/2011Guatemala GUA3:1 (1:1)BLZ Belizeround87
2014Kingstown 07/10/2011St. Vincent / Grenadines VIN0:3 (0:1)GUA Guatemalaround87
2014Belmopan 06/09/2011Belize BLZ1:2 (0:1)GUA Guatemalaround87
2014Guatemala City 02/09/2011Guatemala GUA4:0 (2:0)VIN St. Vincent / Grenadinesround87
2010Commerce City 19/11/2008USA USA2:0 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaThird stage

Latest News


    • The ball eludes Guatemalan goalkeeper Ricardo Jerez for a goal by Argentina's footballer Augusto Fernandez (out frame)
    • Michael Bradley #4 of the USA evades Guatemala goalkeeper Ricardo Jerez #1
    • Mexico's Pablo Barrera jumps over Guatemalan goalkeeper Ricardo Jerez
    • Luton Shelton of Jamaica watches as the ball eludes goalkeeper Ricardo Jerez
    • The ball eludes Guatemalan goalkeeper Ricardo Jerez for a goal by Venezuela's Grenddy Perozo