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US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands Ayinde AUGUSTUS


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 2014920700100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Willemstad 15/11/2011Curacao CUW6:1 (2:0)VIR US Virgin Islandsround87
2014Frederiksted 11/11/2011US Virgin Islands VIR0:3 (0:3)CUW Curacaoround87
2014St. John's 11/10/2011Antigua and Barbuda ATG10:0 (5:0)VIR US Virgin Islandsround87
2014Frederiksted 07/10/2011US Virgin Islands VIR0:7 (0:2)HAI Haitiround87
2014Frederiksted 06/09/2011US Virgin Islands VIR1:8 (0:2)ATG Antigua and Barbudaround87
2014Port-Au-Prince 02/09/2011Haiti HAI6:0 (3:0)VIR US Virgin Islandsround87
2014Road Town 10/07/2011British Virgin Islands VGB1:2 (1:1)VIR US Virgin IslandsSF
2014Charlotte Amalie 03/07/2011US Virgin Islands VIR2:0 (1:0)VGB British Virgin IslandsSF
2010St. George's 26/03/2008Grenada GRN10:0 (5:0)VIR US Virgin IslandsFirst stage