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Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifier2003440010000
Olympic Football Tournament Women Final1996, 2000, 200415122150200
FIFA Women's World Cup Final1991, 1995, 1999, 200323192280200
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers
2003Pasadena 09/11/2002USA USA2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1)CAN CanadaFinal
2003Seattle 06/11/2002USA USA7:0 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
2003Fullerton 29/10/2002USA USA3:0 (1:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoFinal Qualifying Tournament
2003Pasadena 27/10/2002USA USA3:0 (2:0)MEX MexicoFinal Qualifying Tournament
Women's Olympic Football Tournament
2004Piraeus 26/08/2004USA USA2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0)BRA BrazilGold medal match
2004Heraklion 23/08/2004USA USA2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0)GER GermanySemi-finals
2004Thessaloniki 20/08/2004USA USA2:1 (1:0)JPN JapanQuarter-finals
2004Thessaloniki 17/08/2004USA USA1:1 (0:1)AUS AustraliaFirst stage
2004Thessaloniki 14/08/2004USA USA2:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage
2004Heraklion 11/08/2004Greece GRE0:3 (0:2)USA USAFirst stage
2000Sydney 28/09/2000Norway NOR3:2 a.e.t. (2:2, 1:1)USA USAGold medal match
2000Canberra 24/09/2000USA USA1:0 (0:0)BRA BrazilSemi-finals
2000Melbourne 20/09/2000USA USA3:1 (2:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage
2000Melbourne 17/09/2000USA USA1:1 (1:0)CHN China PRFirst stage
2000Melbourne 14/09/2000USA USA2:0 (2:0)NOR NorwayFirst stage
1996Athens, Ga 01/08/1996China PR CHN1:2 (1:1)USA USAGold medal match
1996Athens, Ga 28/07/1996Norway NOR1:2 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0)USA USASemi-finals
1996Miami 25/07/1996USA USA0:0CHN China PRFirst stage
1996Orlando 23/07/1996USA USA2:1 (1:0)SWE SwedenFirst stage
1996Orlando 21/07/1996USA USA3:0 (2:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage
FIFA Women's World Cup
2003Carson 11/10/2003USA USA3:1 (1:1)CAN CanadaThird place
2003Portland 05/10/2003USA USA0:3 (0:1)GER GermanySemi-finals
2003Foxborough 01/10/2003USA USA1:0 (1:0)NOR NorwayQuarter-finals
2003Columbus 28/09/2003Korea DPR PRK0:3 (0:1)USA USAGroup matches
2003Philadelphia 25/09/2003USA USA5:0 (2:0)NGA NigeriaGroup matches
2003Washington Dc 21/09/2003USA USA3:1 (2:0)SWE SwedenGroup matches
1999Los Angeles 10/07/1999USA USA0:0 a.e.t. 5:4 PSOCHN China PRFinal
1999San Francisco 04/07/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilSemi-finals
1999Washington Dc 01/07/1999USA USA3:2 (1:2)GER GermanyQuarter-finals
1999Boston 27/06/1999USA USA3:0 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRGroup matches
1999Chicago 24/06/1999USA USA7:1 (6:1)NGA NigeriaGroup matches
1999New York/New Jersey 19/06/1999USA USA3:0 (1:0)DEN DenmarkGroup matches
1995Gavle 17/06/1995China PR CHN0:2 (0:1)USA USAMatch for third place
1995Vasteras 15/06/1995USA USA0:1 (0:1)NOR NorwaySemi-finals
1995Gavle 13/06/1995Japan JPN0:4 (0:3)USA USAQuarter-finals
1995Helsingborg 10/06/1995USA USA4:1 (0:0)AUS AustraliaGroup matches
1995Gavle 08/06/1995USA USA2:0 (1:0)DEN DenmarkGroup matches
1995Gavle 06/06/1995USA USA3:3 (2:1)CHN China PRGroup matches
1991Guangzhou 30/11/1991Norway NOR1:2 (1:1)USA USAFinal
1991Guangzhou 27/11/1991Germany GER2:5 (1:3)USA USASemi-finals
1991Foshan 24/11/1991USA USA7:0 (4:0)TPE Chinese TaipeiQuarter-finals
1991Foshan 21/11/1991Japan JPN0:3 (0:3)USA USAGroup matches
1991Panyu 19/11/1991Brazil BRA0:5 (0:4)USA USAGroup matches
1991Panyu 17/11/1991Sweden SWE2:3 (0:1)USA USAGroup matches

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  • Mia Hamm speaks to the media during the Germany 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Welcome Tour press conference
  • Mia Hamm and Steffi Jones pose for a photo during the Germany 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Welcome Tour