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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates WALID ABBAS


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 2014911700100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Kuwait City 15/11/2011Kuwait KUW2:1 (0:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound Three
2014Beirut 06/09/2011Lebanon LIB3:1 (1:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound Three
2014Al Ain City 02/09/2011United Arab Emirates UAE2:3 (0:1)KUW KuwaitRound Three
2014New Delhi 28/07/2011India IND2:2 (0:1)UAE United Arab Emiratesround87
2014Al Ain City 23/07/2011United Arab Emirates UAE3:0 (2:0)IND Indiaround87
2010Tehran 10/06/2009Iran IRN1:0 (0:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFourth stage
2010Dubai 06/06/2009United Arab Emirates UAE0:2 (0:2)KOR Korea RepublicFourth stage
2010Riyadh 01/04/2009Saudi Arabia KSA3:2 (1:2)UAE United Arab EmiratesFourth stage
2010Pyongyang 28/03/2009Korea DPR PRK2:0 (0:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFourth stage


  • Walid Abbas of the United Arab Emirates and Mohammed Muntari of Qatar contests possession