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China PR

China PR ZHU Wei


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Final2006, 2008642000000
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup
2008Temuco 26/11/2008USA USA0:2 (0:0)CHN China PRGroup matches
2008Chillan 19/11/2008China PR CHN0:0ARG ArgentinaGroup matches
2006Moscow 31/08/2006China PR CHN0:0 a.e.t. 5:4 PSOUSA USASemi-finals
2006Moscow 23/08/2006Canada CAN0:1 (0:0)CHN China PRGroup matches
2006Shchelkovo 20/08/2006China PR CHN3:0 (2:0)NGA NigeriaGroup matches
2006Shchelkovo 17/08/2006China PR CHN2:1 (1:1)FIN FinlandGroup matches


  • China PR's Zhu Wei fights for the ball in the match against Argentina