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New Zealand

New Zealand Annalie LONGO


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifier2007220000000
Olympic Football Tournament Women Final2012410300000
FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Final2008310210000
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Final2006, 2008, 2010811600000
FIFA Women's World Cup Final2007, 2011, 2015502300000
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers
2007Lae 11/04/2007Solomon Islands SOL0:8 (0:5)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2007Lae 09/04/2007New Zealand NZL6:1 (3:0)TGA TongaGroup matches
Women's Olympic Football Tournament
2012Newcastle 03/08/2012USA USA2:0 (1:0)NZL New ZealandQuarter-finals
2012Coventry 31/07/2012New Zealand NZL3:1 (1:0)CMR CameroonFirst stage
2012Cardiff 28/07/2012New Zealand NZL0:1 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage
2012Cardiff 25/07/2012Great Britain GBR1:0 (0:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage
FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup
2008Wellington 04/11/2008Colombia COL1:3 (0:1)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2008Auckland 01/11/2008New Zealand NZL1:2 (1:1)DEN DenmarkGroup matches
2008Auckland 28/10/2008New Zealand NZL0:1 (0:0)CAN CanadaGroup matches
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup
2010Dresden 20/07/2010New Zealand NZL1:4 (0:1)BRA BrazilGroup matches
2010Bielefeld 16/07/2010Korea DPR PRK2:1 (1:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2010Bielefeld 13/07/2010Sweden SWE2:1 (0:1)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2008Coquimbo 22/11/2008Chile CHI3:4 (0:2)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2008Coquimbo 19/11/2008New Zealand NZL2:3 (1:2)NGA NigeriaGroup matches
2006Shchelkovo 23/08/2006Brazil BRA0:0NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2006St. Petersburg 20/08/2006Russia RUS3:2 (2:1)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
2006St. Petersburg 17/08/2006New Zealand NZL0:3 (0:1)AUS AustraliaGroup matches
FIFA Women's World Cup
2015Winnipeg 15/06/2015China PR CHN2:2 (1:1)NZL New ZealandFirst stage
2015Edmonton 11/06/2015Canada CAN0:0NZL New ZealandFirst stage
2015Edmonton 06/06/2015New Zealand NZL0:1 (0:1)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
2011Bochum 27/06/2011Japan JPN2:1 (1:1)NZL New ZealandFirst stage
2007Wuhan 15/09/2007Denmark DEN2:0 (0:0)NZL New ZealandFirst stage

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  • Annalie Longo (R) of New Zealand and Alanna (L) of Brazil compete for the ball
  • New Zealand's Annalie Longo fights for the ball with Colombia's Edna Mendez
  • Annalie Longo of New Zealand (R) in action against Denmark.
  • Annalie Longo in action for New Zealand.
  • Canada's Caroline Szwed challenges New Zealand No10 Annalie Longo
  • New Zealand's Annalie Longo vies with of Caroline Szwed of Canada
  • Canada's Amy Harisson vies with New Zealad's Amalie Longo