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Korea DPR

Korea DPR AN Yong Hak


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final2010300300000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 20142296720500
FIFA World Cup™
2010Nelspruit 25/06/2010Korea DPR PRK0:3 (0:2)CIV Côte d'IvoireFirst stage
2010Cape Town 21/06/2010Portugal POR7:0 (1:0)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage
2010Johannesburg 15/06/2010Brazil BRA2:1 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Tashkent 11/11/2011Uzbekistan UZB1:0 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRRound Three
2014Pyongyang 11/10/2011Korea DPR PRK0:1 (0:1)UZB UzbekistanRound Three
2014Pyongyang 06/09/2011Korea DPR PRK1:0 (1:0)TJK TajikistanRound Three
2014Saitama 02/09/2011Japan JPN1:0 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRRound Three
2010Riyadh 17/06/2009Saudi Arabia KSA0:0PRK Korea DPR
2010Pyongyang 06/06/2009Korea DPR PRK0:0IRN Iran
2010Pyongyang 28/03/2009Korea DPR PRK2:0 (0:0)UAE United Arab Emirates
2010Pyongyang 11/02/2009Korea DPR PRK1:0 (1:0)KSA Saudi Arabia
2010Tehran 15/10/2008Iran IRN2:1 (1:0)PRK Korea DPR
2010Shanghai 10/09/2008Korea DPR PRK1:1 (0:0)KOR Korea Republic
2010Abu Dhabi 06/09/2008United Arab Emirates UAE1:2 (0:0)PRK Korea DPR
2010Seoul 22/06/2008Korea Republic KOR0:0PRK Korea DPRThird stage
2010Pyongyang 14/06/2008Korea DPR PRK2:0 (1:0)JOR JordanThird stage
2010Pyongyang 07/06/2008Korea DPR PRK1:0 (0:0)TKM TurkmenistanThird stage
2010Ashgabat 02/06/2008Turkmenistan TKM0:0PRK Korea DPRThird stage
2010Shanghai 26/03/2008Korea DPR PRK0:0KOR Korea RepublicThird stage
2010Amman 06/02/2008Jordan JOR0:1 (0:1)PRK Korea DPRThird stage
2006Pyongyang 30/03/2005Korea DPR PRK0:2 (0:1)IRN IranThird stage
2006Pyongyang 25/03/2005Korea DPR PRK1:2 (0:1)BHR BahrainThird stage
2006Saitama 09/02/2005Japan JPN2:1 (1:0)PRK Korea DPRThird stage
2006Pyongyang 13/10/2004Korea DPR PRK2:1 (1:0)YEM YemenSecond stage
2006Pyongyang 08/09/2004Korea DPR PRK4:1 (0:0)THA ThailandSecond stage

Latest News


  • Robinho of Brazil is chased by An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • An Young-Hak of North Korea clashes with Nilmar of Brazil
  • Subait Khater of the UAE is chased by An Yong Hak of DPR Korea
  • Romaric of Ivory Coast is challenged by An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • Emmanuel Eboue of Ivory Coast tackles An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • Miguel of Portugal is challenged by An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • Raul Meireles of Portugal attempts to tackle An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • An Young-Hak of North Korea holds his ankle
  • An Young-Hak of North Korea tackles Gilberto Silva of Brazil
  • Kaka of Brazil holds off An Young-Hak of North Korea
  • An Young-Hak of North Korea pulls the shirt of Robinho of Brazil
  • Robinho of Brazil gestures between An Young-Hak and Pak Chol-Jin of North Korea