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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Kervin SEVERINO


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2006, 20141253420100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014George Town 14/11/2011Cayman Islands CAY1:1 (0:1)DOM Dominican Republicround87
2014San Cristobal 11/11/2011Dominican Republic DOM4:0 (2:0)CAY Cayman Islandsround87
2014Paramaribo 11/10/2011Suriname SUR1:3 (0:1)DOM Dominican Republicround87
2014San Cristobal 07/10/2011Dominican Republic DOM1:2 (0:1)SLV El Salvadorround87
2014San Cristobal 06/09/2011Dominican Republic DOM1:1 (0:1)SUR Surinameround87
2014San Salvador 02/09/2011El Salvador SLV3:2 (0:0)DOM Dominican Republicround87
2014San Cristobal 10/07/2011Dominican Republic DOM4:0 (3:0)AIA AnguillaSF
2014San Cristobal 08/07/2011Anguilla AIA0:2 (0:2)DOM Dominican RepublicSF
2006Marabella 20/06/2004Trinidad and Tobago TRI4:0 (0:0)DOM Dominican RepublicFirst stage
2006Santo Domingo 13/06/2004Dominican Republic DOM0:2 (0:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoFirst stage
2006Santo Domingo 21/03/2004Anguilla AIA0:6 (0:2)DOM Dominican RepublicFirst stage
2006Santo Domingo 19/03/2004Dominican Republic DOM0:0AIA AnguillaFirst stage