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Botswana Tshepo MOTLHABANKWE


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2006, 2010, 201422641210200
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Durban 07/09/2013South Africa RSA4:1 (2:0)BOT Botswanaround87
2014Lobatse 15/06/2013Botswana BOT3:2 (1:1)CTA Central African Republicround87
2014Lobatse 08/06/2013Botswana BOT3:0ETH Ethiopiaround87
2014Addis Abeba 24/03/2013Ethiopia ETH1:0 (0:0)BOT Botswanaround87
2014Gaborone 09/06/2012Botswana BOT1:1 (1:1)RSA South Africaround87
2014Bangui 02/06/2012Central African Republic CTA2:0 (1:0)BOT Botswanaround87
2010Gaborone 11/10/2008Botswana BOT0:1 (0:1)MOZ MozambiqueSecond stage
2010Antananarivo 07/09/2008Madagascar MAD1:0 (1:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2010Abidjan 22/06/2008Côte d'Ivoire CIV4:0 (2:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2010Gaborone 14/06/2008Botswana BOT1:1 (1:0)CIV Côte d'IvoireSecond stage
2010Maputo 08/06/2008Mozambique MOZ1:2 (0:1)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2010Gaborone 31/05/2008Botswana BOT0:0MAD MadagascarSecond stage
2006Gaborone 08/10/2005Botswana BOT1:2 (1:0)GUI GuineaSecond stage
2006Rabat 03/09/2005Morocco MAR1:0 (0:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2006Blantyre 18/06/2005Malawi MWI1:3 (0:2)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2006Nairobi 26/03/2005Kenya KEN1:0 (1:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2006Gaborone 09/10/2004Botswana BOT2:1 (0:1)KEN KenyaSecond stage
2006Conakry 05/09/2004Guinea GUI4:0 (1:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2006Gaborone 03/07/2004Botswana BOT0:1 (0:1)MAR MoroccoSecond stage
2006Gaborone 19/06/2004Botswana BOT2:0 (2:0)MWI MalawiSecond stage
2006Rades 05/06/2004Tunisia TUN4:1 (2:0)BOT BotswanaSecond stage
2006Maseru 16/11/2003Lesotho LES0:0BOT BotswanaPlay-off


  • Botswana's Tshepo Motlhabankwe (2ndL) vies with an unidentified Ivorian player on June 22, 2008 at H