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Algeria Yazid MANSOURI


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2006, 20102196600700
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Omdurman 18/11/2009Algeria ALG1:0 (1:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Cairo 14/11/2009Egypt EGY2:0 (1:0)ALG AlgeriaThird stage
2010Blida 06/09/2009Algeria ALG1:0 (0:0)ZAM ZambiaThird stage
2010Chililabombwe 20/06/2009Zambia ZAM0:2 (0:1)ALG AlgeriaThird stage
2010Blida 07/06/2009Algeria ALG3:1 (0:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Kigali 28/03/2009Rwanda RWA0:0ALG AlgeriaThird stage
2010Monrovia 11/10/2008Liberia LBR0:0ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2010Blida 20/06/2008Algeria ALG1:0 (1:0)GAM GambiaSecond stage
2010Bakau 14/06/2008Gambia GAM1:0 (1:0)ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2010Blida 06/06/2008Algeria ALG3:0 (2:0)LBR LiberiaSecond stage
2010Dakar 31/05/2008Senegal SEN1:0 (0:0)ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2006Oran 04/09/2005Algeria ALG2:5 (0:2)NGA NigeriaSecond stage
2006Oran 19/06/2005Algeria ALG2:2 (1:1)ZIM ZimbabweSecond stage
2006Luanda 05/06/2005Angola ANG2:1 (0:0)ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2006Oran 27/03/2005Algeria ALG1:0 (0:0)RWA RwandaSecond stage
2006Kigali 09/10/2004Rwanda RWA1:1 (1:1)ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2006Annaba 05/09/2004Algeria ALG0:3 (0:0)GAB GabonSecond stage
2006Harare 20/06/2004Zimbabwe ZIM1:1 (0:1)ALG AlgeriaSecond stage
2006Annaba 05/06/2004Algeria ALG0:0ANG AngolaSecond stage
2006Algiers 14/11/2003Algeria ALG6:0 (4:0)NIG NigerPlay-off
2006Niamey 11/10/2003Niger NIG0:1 (0:0)ALG AlgeriaPlay-off

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  • Algerian team captain Yazid Mansouri (R) warms up during a practice session
  • Egypt's Amr Zaki (C) vies for the ball with Algeria's Yazid Mansouri