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Korea DPR

Korea DPR SONG Jong Sun


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA Women's World Cup Final2003, 2007, 2011811600100
Olympic Football Tournament Women Final2008310200000
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifier2003, 2007742100000
FIFA Women's World Cup
2011Augsburg 02/07/2011Korea DPR PRK0:1 (0:0)SWE SwedenFirst stage
2011Dresden 28/06/2011USA USA2:0 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage
2007Wuhan 22/09/2007Germany GER3:0 (1:0)PRK Korea DPRQuarter-finals
2007Tianjin 18/09/2007Korea DPR PRK1:2 (1:1)SWE SwedenFirst stage
2007Chengdu 14/09/2007Korea DPR PRK2:0 (2:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage
2007Chengdu 11/09/2007USA USA2:2 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage
2003Columbus 28/09/2003Korea DPR PRK0:3 (0:1)USA USAGroup matches
2003Philadelphia 25/09/2003Sweden SWE1:0 (1:0)PRK Korea DPRGroup matches
Women's Olympic Football Tournament
2008Tianjin 12/08/2008Korea DPR PRK0:1 (0:0)GER GermanyFirst stage
2008Shenyang 09/08/2008Brazil BRA2:1 (2:0)PRK Korea DPRFirst stage
2008Shenyang 06/08/2008Korea DPR PRK1:0 (1:0)NGA NigeriaFirst stage
FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers
2007Adelaide 27/07/2006Korea DPR PRK0:1 (0:0)CHN China PRSemi-finals
2007Adelaide 24/07/2006Korea DPR PRK1:0 (0:0)KOR Korea RepublicFinal round
2007Adelaide 22/07/2006Australia AUS0:0PRK Korea DPRFinal round
2007Adelaide 20/07/2006Korea DPR PRK3:0 (2:0)MYA MyanmarFinal round
2007Adelaide 18/07/2006Thailand THA0:9 (0:5)PRK Korea DPRFinal round
2003Bangkok 16/06/2003Korea DPR PRK2:2 (1:2)KOR Korea RepublicGroup matches
2003Bangkok 14/06/2003Korea DPR PRK16:0 (8:0)SIN SingaporeGroup matches

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  • Lauren Cheney of USA (R) battles for the ball with Jong Sun Song of Korea DPR