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Cuba Odelin MOLINA


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998, 2006, 2010, 2014259511040300
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Toronto 12/10/2012Canada CAN3:0 (1:0)CUB CubaRound Three
2014San Pedro Sula 11/09/2012Honduras HON1:0 (1:0)CUB CubaRound Three
2010Havana 15/10/2008Cuba CUB2:1 (1:0)GUA GuatemalaThird stage
2010Washington Dc 11/10/2008USA USA6:1 (2:1)CUB CubaThird stage
2010Guatemala City 10/09/2008Guatemala GUA4:1 (1:1)CUB CubaThird stage
2010Havana 06/09/2008Cuba CUB0:1 (0:1)USA USAThird stage
2006Alajuela 20/06/2004Costa Rica CRC1:1 (1:1)CUB CubaFirst stage
2006Havana 12/06/2004Cuba CUB2:2 (1:2)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage
2006Havana 27/03/2004Cuba CUB3:0 (1:0)CAY Cayman IslandsFirst stage
2006Grand Cayman 22/02/2004Cayman Islands CAY1:2 (0:0)CUB CubaFirst stage
2002Havana 04/06/2000Cuba CUB0:1 (0:1)CAN CanadaCaribbean/Central American Play-off
2002Bridgetown 21/05/2000Barbados BRB1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0) 5:4 PSOCUB CubaCaribbean 3rd Round
2002Havana 07/05/2000Cuba CUB1:1 (1:1)BRB BarbadosCaribbean 3rd Round
2002Havana 02/04/2000Cuba CUB1:0 (1:0)SUR SurinameCaribbean 2nd Round
2002Havana 05/03/2000Cuba CUB4:0 (1:0)CAY Cayman IslandsCaribbean 1st Round
1998Panama City 15/12/1996Panama PAN3:1 (1:0)CUB CubaSemi-finals
1998San Salvador 01/12/1996El Salvador SLV3:0 (2:0)CUB CubaSemi-finals
1998Edmonton 13/10/1996Cuba CUB0:2 (0:1)CAN CanadaSemi-finals
1998Edmonton 10/10/1996Canada CAN2:0 (1:0)CUB CubaSemi-finals
1998Panama City 22/09/1996Cuba CUB3:1 (1:0)PAN PanamaSemi-finals
1998San Salvador 08/09/1996Cuba CUB0:5 (0:1)SLV El SalvadorSemi-finals
1998Cap Haitien 30/06/1996Haiti HAI1:1 (1:0)CUB CubaThird round
1998Port Of Spain 10/06/1996Cuba CUB6:1 (2:0)HAI HaitiThird round
1998Grand Cayman 14/05/1996Cuba CUB5:0 (1:0)CAY Cayman IslandsSecond round
1998Grand Cayman 12/05/1996Cayman Islands CAY0:1 (0:1)CUB CubaSecond round

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    • Hondurian National Soccer team player Jerry Bengston (L) fights for the ball with Cuban Odeli Molina