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Paraguay Julio CÉSAR CÁCERES


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final2002, 2006, 2010822400100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier201029156810600
FIFA World Cup™
2010Polokwane 24/06/2010Paraguay PAR0:0NZL New ZealandFirst stage
2006Kaiserslautern 20/06/2006Paraguay PAR2:0 (1:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoGroup matches
2006Berlin 15/06/2006Sweden SWE1:0 (0:0)PAR ParaguayGroup matches
2006Frankfurt/Main 10/06/2006England ENG1:0 (1:0)PAR ParaguayGroup matches
2002Jeju 12/06/2002Slovenia SVN1:3 (1:0)PAR ParaguayGroup matches
2002Busan 02/06/2002Paraguay PAR2:2 (1:0)RSA South AfricaGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Asuncion 14/10/2009Paraguay PAR0:2 (0:0)COL ColombiaLeague round
2010Asuncion 09/09/2009Paraguay PAR1:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaLeague round
2010Recife 10/06/2009Brazil BRA2:1 (1:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010Asuncion 06/06/2009Paraguay PAR0:2 (0:1)CHI ChileLeague round
2010Montevideo 28/03/2009Uruguay URU2:0 (1:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010Asuncion 15/10/2008Paraguay PAR1:0 (0:0)PER PeruLeague round
2010Bogota 11/10/2008Colombia COL0:1 (0:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010Buenos Aires 06/09/2008Argentina ARG1:1 (0:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010La Paz 18/06/2008Bolivia BOL4:2 (2:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010Asuncion 15/06/2008Paraguay PAR2:0 (1:0)BRA BrazilLeague round
2010Santiago De Chile 21/11/2007Chile CHI0:3 (0:2)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010Asuncion 17/11/2007Paraguay PAR5:1 (2:0)ECU EcuadorLeague round
2010Asuncion 17/10/2007Paraguay PAR1:0 (1:0)URU UruguayLeague round
2010Lima 13/10/2007Peru PER0:0PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 12/10/2005Paraguay PAR0:1 (0:1)COL ColombiaLeague round
2006Maracaibo 08/10/2005Venezuela VEN0:1 (0:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 03/09/2005Paraguay PAR1:0 (1:0)ARG ArgentinaLeague round
2006Asuncion 08/06/2005Paraguay PAR4:1 (2:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006Asuncion 30/03/2005Paraguay PAR2:1 (1:0)CHI ChileLeague round
2006Montevideo 17/11/2004Uruguay URU1:0 (0:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 13/10/2004Paraguay PAR1:1 (1:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Barranquilla 09/10/2004Colombia COL1:1 (1:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 05/09/2004Paraguay PAR1:0 (0:0)VEN VenezuelaLeague round
2006Buenos Aires 06/06/2004Argentina ARG0:0PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 31/03/2004Paraguay PAR0:0BRA BrazilLeague round
2006Santiago De Chile 18/11/2003Chile CHI0:1 (0:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Asuncion 15/11/2003Paraguay PAR2:1 (1:0)ECU EcuadorLeague round
2006Asuncion 10/09/2003Paraguay PAR4:1 (1:1)URU UruguayLeague round
2006Lima 06/09/2003Peru PER4:1 (2:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round

Latest News


  • Cesar Pereyra of Sporting Cristal competes for the ball with Julio Cesar Caceres of Guarani
  • Argentina's forward Lionel Messi (top) vies for the ball with Paraguay's defender Julio Caceres
  • Footballer Jose Maria Franco (L) of Ecuadorean team Emelec, is marked by Julio Cesar Caceres
  • Head coach Ivan Rizo celebrates with Julio Caceres (R) of Brazil's Atletico Mineiro
  • Cáceres (L) of Altético Mineiro fights for the ball with Thiago Ribeiro of Cruzeiro
  • Julio Cesar Caceres of Paraguay reacts
  • Paraguayan footballer Julio Cesar Caceres (R) jokes with teammates during a training session
  • Uruguay's Defensor Sporting forward Diego Vera (C) vies for the ball with Argentina's Boca Juniors defender Julio Cesar Caceres
  • Uruguay's Defensor Sporting midfielder Diego De Souza (R) vies for the ball with Argentina's Boca Juniors defender Julio Cesar Caceres
  • Edgar Perez (L) of Venezuelan Deportivo Tachira vies for the ball with Cesar Caceres of Boca Juniors
  • Defender Julio Cesar Caceres (L) of Argentina's Boca Juniors vies with forward Ismael Villalba of Ecuadorean Deportivo Cuenca
  • Boca Juniors' Julio Caceres (L-bottom) of Paraguay holds the trophy next to Hugo Ibarra (R-bottom)
  • Boca Juniors' footballers celebrate after obtaining the Argentina's football league Championship
  • Boca Juniors' Claudio Morel Rodriguez (C) holds the trophy next to teammates Julio Cesar Caceres (L) and Fabian Vargas
  • Tigre's Martin Morel(R) vies for the ball with Boca Juniors' Julio Caceres of Paraguay
  • Boca Juniors' footballer Julio Cesar Caceres (L) vies for the ball with Santiago Solari of San Lorenzo