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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Subait AL JUNAIBI


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 2014301031740300
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Kuwait City 15/11/2011Kuwait KUW2:1 (0:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound Three
2014Dubai 11/11/2011United Arab Emirates UAE0:2 (0:0)KOR Korea RepublicRound Three
2014Suwon 11/10/2011Korea Republic KOR2:1 (0:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound Three
2014Beirut 06/09/2011Lebanon LIB3:1 (1:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesRound Three
2014Al Ain City 02/09/2011United Arab Emirates UAE2:3 (0:1)KUW KuwaitRound Three
2010Abu Dhabi 10/09/2008United Arab Emirates UAE1:2 (1:0)KSA Saudi Arabia
2010Abu Dhabi 06/09/2008United Arab Emirates UAE1:2 (0:0)PRK Korea DPR
2010Al Ain City 22/06/2008United Arab Emirates UAE1:3 (0:1)SYR SyriaThird stage
2010Kuwait City 14/06/2008Kuwait KUW2:3 (0:2)UAE United Arab EmiratesThird stage
2010Al Ain City 07/06/2008United Arab Emirates UAE0:1 (0:1)IRN IranThird stage
2010Tehran 02/06/2008Iran IRN0:0UAE United Arab EmiratesThird stage
2010Damascus 26/03/2008Syria SYR1:1 (1:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesThird stage
2010Abu Dhabi 06/02/2008United Arab Emirates UAE2:0 (1:0)KUW KuwaitThird stage
2006Dubai 17/11/2004United Arab Emirates UAE1:0 (0:0)PRK Korea DPRSecond stage
2006Bangkok 13/10/2004Thailand THA3:0 (2:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2006Sana'A 08/09/2004Yemen YEM3:1 (1:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2006Al Ain City 09/06/2004United Arab Emirates UAE3:0 (2:0)YEM YemenSecond stage
2006Pyongyang 31/03/2004Korea DPR PRK0:0UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2002Abu Dhabi 31/10/2001United Arab Emirates UAE0:3 (0:1)IRN IranThird stage
2002Doha 04/10/2001Qatar QAT1:2 (0:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2002Abu Dhabi 27/09/2001United Arab Emirates UAE0:1 (0:1)CHN China PRSecond stage
2002Tashkent 22/09/2001Uzbekistan UZB0:1 (0:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2002Abu Dhabi 31/08/2001United Arab Emirates UAE0:2 (0:0)QAT QatarSecond stage
2002Shenyang 25/08/2001China PR CHN3:0 (3:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesSecond stage
2002Abu Dhabi 17/08/2001United Arab Emirates UAE4:1 (3:1)UZB UzbekistanSecond stage
2002Al Ain City 18/05/2001United Arab Emirates UAE3:2 (3:1)YEM YemenFirst stage
2002Sana'A 11/05/2001Yemen YEM2:1 (0:1)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage
2002Al Ain City 26/04/2001United Arab Emirates UAE1:0 (0:0)IND IndiaFirst stage
2002Bandar Seri Begawan 14/04/2001Brunei Darussalam BRU0:12 (0:5)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage
2002Bangalore 08/04/2001India IND1:0 (0:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesFirst stage

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  • UAE's midfielder Subait Khater (L) challenges Iraq's forward Yunes Mahmud
  • Subait Khater of the UAE is chased by An Yong Hak of DPR Korea
  • United Arab Emirates' Subait Khater (24) vies for the ball against Maldonaldo Claudio (3) of Chile