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Bolivia Ronald RALDES


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 2014448112500800
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Lima 15/10/2013Peru PER1:1 (1:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2014La Paz 10/09/2013Bolivia BOL1:1 (0:0)ECU EcuadorLeague round
2014Asuncion 06/09/2013Paraguay PAR4:0 (1:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2014Santiago De Chile 11/06/2013Chile CHI3:1 (2:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2014La Paz 07/06/2013Bolivia BOL1:1 (0:0)VEN VenezuelaLeague round
2014La Paz 26/03/2013Bolivia BOL1:1 (1:1)ARG ArgentinaLeague round
2014La Paz 16/10/2012Bolivia BOL4:1 (2:0)URU UruguayLeague round
2014La Paz 12/10/2012Bolivia BOL1:1 (0:1)PER PeruLeague round
2014Quito 07/09/2012Ecuador ECU1:0 (0:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2014San Cristobal 15/11/2011Venezuela VEN1:0 (1:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2014La Paz 11/10/2011Bolivia BOL1:2 (0:0)COL ColombiaLeague round
2014Montevideo 07/10/2011Uruguay URU4:2 (3:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010La Paz 11/10/2009Bolivia BOL2:1 (2:0)BRA BrazilLeague round
2010Santiago De Chile 10/06/2009Chile CHI4:0 (1:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010La Paz 06/06/2009Bolivia BOL0:1 (0:1)VEN VenezuelaLeague round
2010La Paz 14/10/2008Bolivia BOL2:2 (2:0)URU UruguayLeague round
2010La Paz 11/10/2008Bolivia BOL3:0 (2:0)PER PeruLeague round
2010Rio De Janeiro 10/09/2008Brazil BRA0:0BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010Quito 06/09/2008Ecuador ECU3:1 (1:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010La Paz 18/06/2008Bolivia BOL4:2 (2:0)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2010La Paz 15/06/2008Bolivia BOL0:2 (0:1)CHI ChileLeague round
2010San Cristobal 20/11/2007Venezuela VEN5:3 (2:2)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010Buenos Aires 17/11/2007Argentina ARG3:0 (1:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010La Paz 17/10/2007Bolivia BOL0:0COL ColombiaLeague round
2010Montevideo 13/10/2007Uruguay URU5:0 (2:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006Tacna 12/10/2005Peru PER4:1 (3:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006La Paz 09/10/2005Bolivia BOL1:1 (0:1)BRA BrazilLeague round
2006La Paz 03/09/2005Bolivia BOL1:2 (1:1)ECU EcuadorLeague round
2006Asuncion 08/06/2005Paraguay PAR4:1 (2:1)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006Santiago De Chile 04/06/2005Chile CHI3:1 (2:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006La Paz 29/03/2005Bolivia BOL3:1 (2:0)VEN VenezuelaLeague round
2006La Paz 26/03/2005Bolivia BOL1:2 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaLeague round
2006Barranquilla 17/11/2004Colombia COL1:0 (1:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006La Paz 12/10/2004Bolivia BOL0:0URU UruguayLeague round
2006La Paz 09/10/2004Bolivia BOL1:0 (0:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Sao Paulo 05/09/2004Brazil BRA3:1 (3:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006Quito 05/06/2004Ecuador ECU3:2 (3:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006La Paz 01/06/2004Bolivia BOL2:1 (1:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2006Maracaibo 18/11/2003Venezuela VEN2:1 (0:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2006Buenos Aires 15/11/2003Argentina ARG3:0 (0:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2002La Paz 06/10/2001Bolivia BOL1:5 (0:2)ECU EcuadorQualifying Tournament
2002Asuncion 05/09/2001Paraguay PAR5:1 (2:1)BOL BoliviaQualifying Tournament
2002Santiago De Chile 14/08/2001Chile CHI2:2 (1:1)BOL BoliviaQualifying Tournament
2002La Paz 03/06/2001Bolivia BOL5:0 (3:0)VEN VenezuelaQualifying Tournament

Latest News


  • Bolivia's national football team players Ronald Raldes (L) and Marcelo Martins take part in a training session
  • Chile's Esteban Paredes (R) tries to get away from Bolivian Ronald Raldes
  • Lionel Messi of Argentina (R) struggle for the ball with Ronald Raldes of Bolivia
  • Bolivian defender Ronald Raldes during a training session of the team in La Paz
  • The player Joel Cambell, de Costa Rica (L) mark facing Ronald Raldes (C), and Luis Gutierrez, of Bolivia
  • Bolivia's national football player Ronald Raldes (L) heads the ball during a training session
  • Venezuela's  Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (L) is marked by  Carlos Arias (C) and Ronald Raldes (R) of Bolivia
  • Bolivia's footballer Ronald Raldes (L) vies for the ball with Paraguay's Lucas Barrios
  • Bolivia's team footballer Ronald Raldes, on March 28, 2011
  • Bolivia's player Marcelo Martins (L) celebrates next to Ronald Raldes
  • Bolivian footballer Ronald Raldes (L) vies for the ball with Brazil's Nilmar
  • Footballers Ronald Raldes (L) and Pablo Escobar, of the Bolivian national football team, stretch during a training session
  • Bolivian defender Ronald Raldes (L) vies for the ball with Ecuadorian forward Felipe Caicedo (R)
  • Bolivian defender Ronald Raldes (C) vies for the ball with Ecuadorian forward Felipe Caicedo (R)
  • The coach of the Bolivian national football team, Erwin Sanchez (R) chats with footballer Ronald Raldes