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Egypt Hani SAID


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA U-17 World Cup Final1997412100000
FIFA Confederations Cup2009310200000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier20101290300000
FIFA U-17 World Cup
1997Ismailia 15/09/1997Spain ESP2:1 (1:1)EGY EgyptSecond stage
1997Cairo 10/09/1997Egypt EGY1:1 (0:0)GER GermanyFirst stage
1997Cairo 07/09/1997Egypt EGY1:1 (1:0)CHI ChileFirst stage
1997Cairo 04/09/1997Egypt EGY3:2 (1:1)THA ThailandFirst stage
FIFA Confederations Cup
2009Rustenburg 21/06/2009Egypt EGY0:3 (0:1)USA USAFirst stage
2009Johannesburg 18/06/2009Egypt EGY1:0 (1:0)ITA ItalyFirst stage
2009Mangaung/Bloemfontein 15/06/2009Brazil BRA4:3 (3:1)EGY EgyptFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Omdurman 18/11/2009Algeria ALG1:0 (1:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Cairo 14/11/2009Egypt EGY2:0 (1:0)ALG AlgeriaThird stage
2010Chililabombwe 10/10/2009Zambia ZAM0:1 (0:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Kigali 05/09/2009Rwanda RWA0:1 (0:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Cairo 05/07/2009Egypt EGY3:0 (0:0)RWA RwandaThird stage
2010Blida 07/06/2009Algeria ALG3:1 (0:0)EGY EgyptThird stage
2010Cairo 12/10/2008Egypt EGY4:0 (1:0)DJI DjiboutiSecond stage
2010Kinshasa 07/09/2008Congo DR COD0:1 (0:1)EGY EgyptSecond stage
2010Cairo 22/06/2008Egypt EGY2:0 (1:0)MWI MalawiSecond stage
2010Blantyre 14/06/2008Malawi MWI1:0 (0:0)EGY EgyptSecond stage
2010Djibouti 06/06/2008Djibouti DJI0:4 (0:1)EGY EgyptSecond stage
2010Cairo 01/06/2008Egypt EGY2:1 (0:1)COD Congo DRSecond stage


  • Egyptian defender Hani Said fights for the ball with USA forward Charlie Davies.
  • Kaka of Brazil battles with Hani Said of Egypt
  • Kaka of Brazil battles with Hani Said of Egypt
  • Algeria's Abdelkader Ghezzal (L) fights for ball with Egypt's Ahmed Hany (C) and Hany Sayed (R)
  • Malawi's midfielder Tawonga Chimodzi (C) vies for the ball with Egyptian defenders Hani Said (L) and
  • Malawi's forward Essau Kanyenda (L) vies for the ball with Egyptian defender Hani Said during their