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Bahrain Sayed JALAL


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA U-17 World Cup Final1997310200000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010311212700800
FIFA U-17 World Cup
1997Port Said 10/09/1997Argentina ARG2:0 (1:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage
1997Port Said 07/09/1997Ghana GHA5:1 (2:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage
1997Port Said 05/09/1997Costa Rica CRC1:3 (0:0)BHR BahrainFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Wellington 14/11/2009New Zealand NZL1:0 (1:0)BHR BahrainPlay-off
2010Riffa 10/10/2009Bahrain BHR0:0NZL New ZealandPlay-off
2010Riyadh 09/09/2009Saudi Arabia KSA2:2 (1:1)BHR BahrainFifth stage
2010Riffa 05/09/2009Bahrain BHR0:0KSA Saudi ArabiaFifth stage
2010Doha 10/09/2008Qatar QAT1:1 (1:0)BHR BahrainFourth stage
2010Riffa 06/09/2008Bahrain BHR2:3 (0:2)JPN JapanFourth stage
2010Saitama 22/06/2008Japan JPN1:0 (0:0)BHR BahrainThird stage
2010Riffa 14/06/2008Bahrain BHR1:1 (1:0)OMA OmanThird stage
2010Riffa 26/03/2008Bahrain BHR1:0 (0:0)JPN JapanThird stage
2010Muscat 06/02/2008Oman OMA0:1 (0:1)BHR BahrainThird stage
2010Shah Alam 28/10/2007Malaysia MAS0:0BHR BahrainFirst stage
2010Riffa 21/10/2007Bahrain BHR4:1 (2:1)MAS MalaysiaFirst stage
2006Riffa 16/11/2005Bahrain BHR0:1 (0:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoPlay-off
2006Port Of Spain 12/11/2005Trinidad and Tobago TRI1:1 (0:0)BHR BahrainPlay-off
2006Riffa 12/10/2005Bahrain BHR0:0UZB UzbekistanPlay-off
2006Tashkent 08/10/2005Uzbekistan UZB1:1 (1:1)BHR BahrainPlay-off
2006Tehran 08/06/2005Iran IRN1:0 (0:0)BHR BahrainThird stage
2006Riffa 03/06/2005Bahrain BHR0:1 (0:1)JPN JapanThird stage
2006Pyongyang 25/03/2005Korea DPR PRK1:2 (0:1)BHR BahrainThird stage
2006Riffa 09/02/2005Bahrain BHR0:0IRN IranThird stage
2006Manama 17/11/2004Bahrain BHR4:0 (3:0)TJK TajikistanSecond stage
2006Damascus 13/10/2004Syria SYR2:2 (2:1)BHR BahrainSecond stage
2006Bishkek 08/09/2004Kyrgyzstan KGZ1:2 (0:1)BHR BahrainSecond stage
2006Al Muharraq 09/06/2004Bahrain BHR5:0 (2:0)KGZ KyrgyzstanSecond stage
2006Dushanbe 31/03/2004Tajikistan TJK0:0BHR BahrainSecond stage
2006Al Muharraq 18/02/2004Bahrain BHR2:1 (0:0)SYR SyriaSecond stage
2002Kuwait City 24/02/2001Bahrain BHR2:0 (2:0)SIN SingaporeFirst stage
2002Kuwait City 21/02/2001Kyrgyzstan KGZ1:2 (1:1)BHR BahrainFirst stage
2002Singapore 09/02/2001Singapore SIN1:2 (0:2)BHR BahrainFirst stage
2002Singapore 06/02/2001Bahrain BHR1:0 (0:0)KGZ KyrgyzstanFirst stage
2002Singapore 03/02/2001Bahrain BHR1:2 (0:0)KUW KuwaitFirst stage