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Libya Ahmed OSMAN


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2010, 201423105850900
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Yaounde 08/09/2013Cameroon CMR1:0 (1:0)LBY Libyaround87
2014Tripoli 14/06/2013Libya LBY2:0 (2:0)TOG Togoround87
2014Tripoli 07/06/2013Libya LBY0:0COD Congo DRround87
2014Sfax 10/06/2012Libya LBY2:1 (1:1)CMR Cameroonround87
2014Lome 03/06/2012Togo TOG1:1 (1:1)LBY Libyaround87
2010Libreville 11/10/2008Gabon GAB1:0 (0:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2010Tripoli 05/09/2008Libya LBY1:0 (0:0)GHA GhanaSecond stage
2010Mangaung/Bloemfontein 15/06/2008Lesotho LES0:1 (0:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2010Tripoli 07/06/2008Libya LBY1:0 (1:0)GAB GabonSecond stage
2010Kumasi 01/06/2008Ghana GHA3:0 (1:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2006Tripoli 02/09/2005Libya LBY0:0SDN SudanSecond stage
2006Yaounde 19/06/2005Cameroon CMR1:0 (1:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2006Tripoli 03/06/2005Libya LBY0:0CIV Ivory CoastSecond stage
2006Cairo 27/03/2005Egypt EGY4:1 (0:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2006Tripoli 08/10/2004Libya LBY2:1 (1:0)EGY EgyptSecond stage
2006Tripoli 03/09/2004Libya LBY4:1 (1:1)BEN BeninSecond stage
2006Khartoum 03/07/2004Sudan SDN0:1 (0:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2006Misurata 18/06/2004Libya LBY0:0CMR CameroonSecond stage
2006Abidjan 06/06/2004Ivory Coast CIV2:0 (1:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2006Benghazi 16/11/2003Libya LBY8:0 (4:0)STP Sao Tome e Principe Play-off
2006Sao Tome 11/10/2003Sao Tome e Principe STP0:1 (0:0)LBY LibyaPlay-off
2002Chingola 10/03/2001Zambia ZAM2:0 (2:0)LBY LibyaSecond stage
2002Luanda 28/01/2001Angola ANG3:1 (0:1)LBY LibyaSecond stage

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  • Libyan National football team player Ahmed Osman (L) fights for the ball with Congolese player Mabi