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Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland Damien DUFF


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final2002413010000
FIFA U-20 World Cup Final1997, 19991162340000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier201023129200200
FIFA World Cup™
2002Suwon 16/06/2002Spain ESP1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0) 3:2 PSOIRL Republic of IrelandRound of 16
2002Yokohama 11/06/2002Saudi Arabia KSA0:3 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandGroup matches
2002Ibaraki 05/06/2002Germany GER1:1 (1:0)IRL Republic of IrelandGroup matches
2002Niigata 01/06/2002Republic of Ireland IRL1:1 (0:1)CMR CameroonGroup matches
FIFA U-20 World Cup
1999Kano 14/04/1999Republic of Ireland IRL1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0) 3:5 PSONGA NigeriaRound of 16
1999Ibadan 10/04/1999Australia AUS0:4 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
1999Ibadan 07/04/1999Saudi Arabia KSA0:2 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
1999Ibadan 04/04/1999Mexico MEX1:0 (1:0)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
1997Shah Alam 05/07/1997Ghana GHA1:2 (1:2)IRL Republic of IrelandMatch for third place
1997Kuching 02/07/1997Republic of Ireland IRL0:1 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaSemi-finals
1997Shah Alam 29/06/1997Spain ESP0:1 (0:0)IRL Republic of IrelandQuarter-finals
1997Shah Alam 25/06/1997Republic of Ireland IRL2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:1)MAR MoroccoRound of 16
1997Alor Setar 22/06/1997Republic of Ireland IRL1:1 (1:1)CHN China PRFirst stage
1997Alor Setar 19/06/1997Republic of Ireland IRL2:1 (2:1)USA USAFirst stage
1997Alor Setar 17/06/1997Ghana GHA2:1 (1:0)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Saint-Denis 18/11/2009France FRA1:1 a.e.t. (0:1, 0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandSecond stage
2010Dublin 14/11/2009Republic of Ireland IRL0:1 (0:0)FRA FranceSecond stage
2010Dublin 14/10/2009Republic of Ireland IRL0:0MNE MontenegroFirst stage
2010Nicosia 05/09/2009Cyprus CYP1:2 (1:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2010Sofia 06/06/2009Bulgaria BUL1:1 (1:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2010Dublin 11/02/2009Republic of Ireland IRL2:1 (0:1)GEO GeorgiaFirst stage
2010Dublin 15/10/2008Republic of Ireland IRL1:0 (1:0)CYP CyprusFirst stage
2006Nicosia 08/10/2005Cyprus CYP0:1 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2006Dublin 07/09/2005Republic of Ireland IRL0:1 (0:0)FRA FranceFirst stage
2006Torshavn 08/06/2005Faroe Islands FRO0:2 (0:0)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2006Dublin 04/06/2005Republic of Ireland IRL2:2 (2:2)ISR IsraelFirst stage
2006Tel Aviv 26/03/2005Israel ISR1:1 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2006Dublin 13/10/2004Republic of Ireland IRL2:0 (2:0)FRO Faroe IslandsFirst stage
2006Saint-Denis 09/10/2004France FRA0:0IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2006Basel 08/09/2004Switzerland SUI1:1 (1:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2006Dublin 04/09/2004Republic of Ireland IRL3:0 (2:0)CYP CyprusFirst stage
2002Dublin 01/09/2001Republic of Ireland IRL1:0 (0:0)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
2002Tallinn 06/06/2001Estonia EST0:2 (0:2)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2002Dublin 02/06/2001Republic of Ireland IRL1:1 (0:0)POR PortugalFirst stage
2002Barcelona 28/03/2001Andorra AND0:3 (0:1)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2002Nicosia 24/03/2001Cyprus CYP0:4 (0:2)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage
2002Dublin 11/10/2000Republic of Ireland IRL2:0 (1:0)EST EstoniaFirst stage
2002Lisbon 07/10/2000Portugal POR1:1 (0:0)IRL Republic of IrelandFirst stage

Latest News


  • Damien Duff of Melbourne City has his shot blocked by Sydney FC goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic
  • Melbourne City's Damien Duff battles for the ball
  • David Villa of Melbourne City celebrates a goal
  • Damien Duff (L) of Fulham holds off the challenge of Fabio Borini (R) of Sunderland
  • Damien Duff of Fulham and Santi Cazorla of Arsenal tussle for the ball
  • Damien Duff of Fulham and Jack Colback of Sunderland challenge for the ball
  • Damien Duff of Fulham takes on Chris Gunter of Reading
  • Dimitar Berbatov (R) of Fulham celebrates with team mate Damien Duff
  • Tom Cleverley of Manchester United and Damien Duff of Fulham battle for the ball
  • Damien Duff of Fulham is challenged by Ivan Ramis of Wigan
  • Damien Duff of Fulham celebrates
  • Republic of Ireland's Damien Duff goes over the top of Bosnia-Herzegovina's goalkeeper Asmir Begovic
  • Damien Duff of Fulham reacts
  • Fulham's Irish midfielder Damien Duff celebrates after scoring
  • Damien Duff of Fulham celebrates
  • Sunderland's English defender Kieran Richardson vies with Fulham's Irish midfielder Damien Duff