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Andorra Josep AYALA


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2006, 2010, 201426002600700
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Andorra La Vella 11/10/2013Andorra AND0:4 (0:1)ROU RomaniaSF
2014Andorra La Vella 10/09/2013Andorra AND0:2 (0:0)NED NetherlandsSF
2014Kayseri 06/09/2013Turkey TUR5:0 (2:0)AND AndorraSF
2014Tallinn 26/03/2013Estonia EST2:0 (1:0)AND AndorraSF
2014Andorra La Vella 22/03/2013Andorra AND0:2 (0:2)TUR TurkeySF
2014Andorra La Vella 16/10/2012Andorra AND0:1 (0:0)EST EstoniaSF
2014Rotterdam 12/10/2012Netherlands NED3:0 (2:0)AND AndorraSF
2014Bucharest 11/09/2012Romania ROU4:0 (2:0)AND AndorraSF
2010Andorra La Vella 14/10/2009Andorra AND0:6 (0:1)UKR UkraineFirst stage
2010Andorra La Vella 09/09/2009Andorra AND1:3 (0:3)KAZ KazakhstanFirst stage
2010Kyiv 05/09/2009Ukraine UKR5:0 (2:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2010London 10/06/2009England ENG6:0 (3:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2010Grodno 06/06/2009Belarus BLR5:1 (2:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2010Zagreb 15/10/2008Croatia CRO4:0 (2:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2010Andorra La Vella 10/09/2008Andorra AND1:3 (0:1)BLR BelarusFirst stage
2010Barcelona 06/09/2008Andorra AND0:2 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage
2010Almaty 20/08/2008Kazakhstan KAZ3:0 (3:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Andorra La Vella 12/10/2005Andorra AND0:3 (0:1)ARM ArmeniaFirst stage
2006Eindhoven 07/09/2005Netherlands NED4:0 (3:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Constanta 17/08/2005Romania ROU2:0 (2:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Liberec 04/06/2005Czech Republic CZE8:1 (3:1)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Andorra La Vella 30/03/2005Andorra AND0:4 (0:2)CZE Czech RepublicFirst stage
2006Yerevan 26/03/2005Armenia ARM2:1 (1:0)AND AndorraFirst stage
2006Barcelona 17/11/2004Andorra AND0:3 (0:2)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
2006Andorra La Vella 08/09/2004Andorra AND1:5 (1:3)ROU RomaniaFirst stage
2006Tampere 04/09/2004Finland FIN3:0 (1:0)AND AndorraFirst stage


  • Russia forward Pavel Pogreblyak vies with Andorra's forward Josep Ayala
  • Josep Manel Ayala (L) of Andorra fights for a ball with Andriy Yarmolenko (R) of Ukraine during a Wo