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Germany Lothar MATTHAEUS


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA Confederations Cup1999310210200
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier862033200
FIFA World Cup™ Final1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 199825156460500
FIFA Confederations Cup
1999Guadalajara 30/07/1999USA USA2:0 (1:0)GER GermanyGroup matches
1999Guadalajara 28/07/1999Germany GER2:0 (2:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
1999Guadalajara 24/07/1999Brazil BRA4:0 (0:0)GER GermanyGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1990Dortmund 04/10/1989Germany FR FRG6:1 (1:0)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1990Rotterdam 26/04/1989Netherlands NED1:1 (0:0)FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1990Munich 19/10/1988Germany FR FRG0:0NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1990Helsinki 31/08/1988Finland FIN0:4 (0:2)FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1986Prague 30/04/1985Czechoslovakia TCH1:5 (0:4)FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1986Lisbon 24/02/1985Portugal POR1:2 (0:2)FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1986Ta'Qali 16/12/1984Malta MLT2:3 (1:1)FRG Germany FRFirst stage
1986Cologne 17/10/1984Germany FR FRG2:0 (0:0)SWE SwedenFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™
1998Lyon 04/07/1998Germany GER0:3 (0:1)CRO CroatiaQuarter-finals
1998Montpellier 29/06/1998Germany GER2:1 (0:0)MEX MexicoRound of 16
1998Montpellier 25/06/1998Germany GER2:0 (0:0)IRN IranGroup matches
1998Lens 21/06/1998Germany GER2:2 (0:1)YUG YugoslaviaGroup matches
1998Paris 15/06/1998Germany GER2:0 (1:0)USA USAGroup matches
1994New York/New Jersey 10/07/1994Bulgaria BUL2:1 (0:0)GER GermanyQuarter-finals
1994Chicago 02/07/1994Germany GER3:2 (3:1)BEL BelgiumRound of 16
1994Dallas 27/06/1994Germany GER3:2 (3:0)KOR Korea RepublicGroup matches
1994Chicago 21/06/1994Germany GER1:1 (0:1)ESP SpainGroup matches
1994Chicago 17/06/1994Germany GER1:0 (0:0)BOL BoliviaGroup matches
1990Rome 08/07/1990Germany FR FRG1:0 (0:0)ARG ArgentinaFinal
1990Turin 04/07/1990Germany FR FRG1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:0) 4:3 PSOENG EnglandSemi-finals
1990Milan 01/07/1990Germany FR FRG1:0 (1:0)TCH CzechoslovakiaQuarter-finals
1990Milan 24/06/1990Germany FR FRG2:1 (0:0)NED NetherlandsRound of 16
1990Milan 19/06/1990Germany FR FRG1:1 (0:0)COL ColombiaGroup matches
1990Milan 15/06/1990Germany FR FRG5:1 (2:0)UAE United Arab EmiratesGroup matches
1990Milan 10/06/1990Germany FR FRG4:1 (2:0)YUG YugoslaviaGroup matches
1986Mexico City 29/06/1986Argentina ARG3:2 (1:0)FRG Germany FRFinal
1986Guadalajara 25/06/1986France FRA0:2 (0:1)FRG Germany FRSemi-finals
1986Monterrey 21/06/1986Germany FR FRG0:0 a.e.t. 4:1 PSOMEX MexicoQuarter-finals
1986Monterrey 17/06/1986Morocco MAR0:1 (0:0)FRG Germany FRRound of 16
1986Queretaro 13/06/1986Denmark DEN2:0 (1:0)FRG Germany FRGroup matches
1986Queretaro 08/06/1986Germany FR FRG2:1 (1:1)SCO ScotlandGroup matches
1986Queretaro 04/06/1986Uruguay URU1:1 (1:0)FRG Germany FRGroup matches
1982Gijon 25/06/1982Germany FR FRG1:0 (1:0)AUT AustriaGroup matches
1982Gijon 20/06/1982Germany FR FRG4:1 (1:0)CHI ChileGroup matches

Latest News


  • Lothar Matthaus, Marcel Desailly and  Patrick Viera at the FA's 150th Anniversary launch
  • Lothar Matthaeus attends a press conference to present him as new head coach of Bulgaria National football team
  • Lothar Matthaeus attends a press conference to present him as new head coach of Bulgaria National football team
  • The Bulgarian Football Union President Borislav Mihaylov (L) and Bulgaria's new national team coach German Lothar Matthaeus (R) pose
  • Bulgaria?s new national team coach German Lothar Matthaeus poses with his jersey
  • Former soccer player and FC Partizan Belgrade's coach Lothar Matthaus holds a scarf with the words 'My Home'
  • German soccer player Lothar Matthaus (L) fights for the ball against Emerson of Brazil during the first game of the FIFA Confederations Cup tournament in Guadalajara, Mexico, 24 July, 1999
  • German soccer player Lothar Matthaus (L) and Ronaldinho of Brazil (7), stand together during the first game of the FIFA Confederations Cup tournament Guadalajara, Mexico, 24 July,1999