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Russia Gennadi LITOVCHENKO


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1986, 1990420200000
FIFA U-20 World Cup Final1983200210100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1986, 19901355344000
FIFA World Cup™
1990Bari 18/06/1990Cameroon CMR0:4 (0:2)URS Soviet UnionGroup matches
1990Naples 13/06/1990Argentina ARG2:0 (1:0)URS Soviet UnionGroup matches
1990Bari 09/06/1990Soviet Union URS0:2 (0:1)ROU RomaniaGroup matches
1986Irapuato 09/06/1986Soviet Union URS2:0 (0:0)CAN CanadaGroup matches
FIFA U-20 World Cup
1983Guadalajara 09/06/1983Soviet Union URS1:2 (0:0)BRA BrazilFirst stage
1983Monterrey 06/06/1983Netherlands NED3:2 (1:0)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1990Simferopol 15/11/1989Soviet Union URS2:0 (0:0)TUR TurkeyFirst stage
1990Karl Marx Stadt 08/10/1989German DR GDR2:1 (0:0)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1990Vienna 06/09/1989Austria AUT0:0URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1990Moscow 31/05/1989Soviet Union URS1:1 (0:0)ISL IcelandFirst stage
1990Istanbul 10/05/1989Turkey TUR0:1 (0:1)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1990Kiev 26/04/1989Soviet Union URS3:0 (3:0)GDR German DRFirst stage
1990Kiev 19/10/1988Soviet Union URS2:0 (0:0)AUT AustriaFirst stage
1990Reykjavik 31/08/1988Iceland ISL1:1 (1:0)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1986Copenhagen 05/06/1985Denmark DEN4:2 (2:1)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1986Moscow 02/05/1985Soviet Union URS4:0 (4:0)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
1986Berne 17/04/1985Switzerland SUI2:2 (1:1)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1986Oslo 10/10/1984Norway NOR1:1 (0:0)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage
1986Dublin 12/09/1984Republic of Ireland IRL1:0 (0:0)URS Soviet UnionFirst stage

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