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Yugoslavia Milan GALIC


Record at FIFA Tournaments
Olympic Football Tournament Final1960532070001
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier961277000
FIFA World Cup™ Final1962630330000
Men's Olympic Football Tournament
1960Rome 10/09/1960Yugoslavia YUG3:1 (2:0)DEN DenmarkGold medal match
1960Naples 05/09/1960Italy ITA1:1 a.e.t.YUG YugoslaviaSemi-finals
1960Rome 01/09/1960Yugoslavia YUG3:3 (0:0)BUL BulgariaFirst stage
1960Florence 29/08/1960Yugoslavia YUG4:0 (1:0)TUR TurkeyFirst stage
1960Pescara 26/08/1960Yugoslavia YUG6:1 (3:0)EGY EgyptFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1966Paris 09/10/1965France FRA1:0 (0:0)YUG YugoslaviaFirst stage
1966Luxembourg 19/09/1965Luxembourg LUX2:5 (1:4)YUG YugoslaviaFirst stage
1966Oslo 16/06/1965Norway NOR3:0 (1:0)YUG YugoslaviaFirst stage
1966Belgrade 18/04/1965Yugoslavia YUG1:0 (0:0)FRA FranceFirst stage
1966Belgrade 20/09/1964Yugoslavia YUG3:1 (2:0)LUX LuxembourgFirst stage
1962Seoul 26/11/1961Korea Republic KOR1:3 (0:2)YUG YugoslaviaUEFA/AFC
1962Belgrade 08/10/1961Yugoslavia YUG5:1 (0:0)KOR Korea RepublicUEFA/AFC
1962Chorzow 25/06/1961Poland POL1:1 (1:1)YUG YugoslaviaUEFA
1962Belgrade 04/06/1961Yugoslavia YUG2:1 (1:0)POL PolandUEFA
FIFA World Cup™
1962Santiago De Chile 16/06/1962Chile CHI1:0 (0:0)YUG YugoslaviaMatch for third place
1962Vina Del Mar 13/06/1962Czechoslovakia TCH3:1 (0:0)YUG YugoslaviaSemi-finals
1962Santiago De Chile 10/06/1962Yugoslavia YUG1:0 (0:0)FRG Germany FRQuarter-finals
1962Arica 07/06/1962Yugoslavia YUG5:0 (2:0)COL ColombiaGroup matches
1962Arica 02/06/1962Yugoslavia YUG3:1 (2:1)URU UruguayGroup matches
1962Arica 31/05/1962Soviet Union URS2:0 (0:0)YUG YugoslaviaGroup matches

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