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Scotland Kenny DALGLISH


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1974, 1978, 1982833220000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier14110355000
FIFA World Cup™
1982Seville 18/06/1982Brazil BRA4:1 (1:1)SCO ScotlandGroup matches
1982Malaga 15/06/1982Scotland SCO5:2 (3:0)NZL New ZealandGroup matches
1978Mendoza 11/06/1978Scotland SCO3:2 (1:1)NED NetherlandsGroup matches
1978Cordoba 07/06/1978Scotland SCO1:1 (1:0)IRN IranGroup matches
1978Cordoba 03/06/1978Peru PER3:1 (1:1)SCO ScotlandGroup matches
1974Frankfurt/Main 22/06/1974Scotland SCO1:1 (0:0)YUG YugoslaviaGroup matches
1974Frankfurt/Main 18/06/1974Scotland SCO0:0BRA BrazilGroup matches
1974Dortmund 14/06/1974Zaire ZAI0:2 (0:2)SCO ScotlandGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
1986Glasgow 20/11/1985Scotland SCO2:0 (0:0)AUS AustraliaPlay-off
1986Glasgow 27/03/1985Scotland SCO0:1 (0:1)WAL WalesFirst stage
1986Glasgow 14/11/1984Scotland SCO3:1 (2:0)ESP SpainFirst stage
1986Glasgow 17/10/1984Scotland SCO3:0 (2:0)ISL IcelandFirst stage
1982Glasgow 09/09/1981Scotland SCO2:0 (1:0)SWE SwedenFirst stage
1982Tel Aviv 25/02/1981Israel ISR0:1 (0:0)SCO ScotlandFirst stage
1982Solna 10/09/1980Sweden SWE0:1 (0:0)SCO ScotlandFirst stage
1978Liverpool 12/10/1977Wales WAL0:2 (0:0)SCO ScotlandFirst stage
1978Glasgow 21/09/1977Scotland SCO3:1 (2:0)TCH CzechoslovakiaFirst stage
1978Glasgow 17/11/1976Scotland SCO1:0 (1:0)WAL WalesFirst stage
1978Prague 13/10/1976Czechoslovakia TCH2:0 (0:0)SCO ScotlandFirst stage
1974Bratislava 17/10/1973Czechoslovakia TCH1:0 (1:0)SCO ScotlandFirst stage
1974Glasgow 26/09/1973Scotland SCO2:1 (1:1)TCH CzechoslovakiaFirst stage
1974Glasgow 15/11/1972Scotland SCO2:0 (1:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage

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