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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luis MARIN


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final2002, 2006611400300
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998, 2010412191121500
FIFA World Cup™
2006Hanover 20/06/2006Costa Rica CRC1:2 (1:1)POL PolandGroup matches
2006Hamburg 15/06/2006Ecuador ECU3:0 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches
2006Munich 09/06/2006Germany GER4:2 (2:1)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches
2002Suwon 13/06/2002Costa Rica CRC2:5 (1:3)BRA BrazilGroup matches
2002Incheon 09/06/2002Costa Rica CRC1:1 (0:0)TUR TurkeyGroup matches
2002Gwangju 04/06/2002China PR CHN0:2 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Montevideo 18/11/2009Uruguay URU1:1 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaPlay-off
2010Tibas 14/11/2009Costa Rica CRC0:1 (0:1)URU UruguayPlay-off
2010Washington Dc 14/10/2009USA USA2:2 (0:2)CRC Costa RicaFourth stage
2010Tibas 10/10/2009Costa Rica CRC4:0 (1:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoFourth stage
2006Guatemala City 12/10/2005Guatemala GUA3:1 (3:0)CRC Costa RicaThird stage
2006Tibas 08/10/2005Costa Rica CRC3:0 (1:0)USA USAThird stage
2006Tibas 07/09/2005Costa Rica CRC2:0 (1:0)TRI Trinidad and TobagoThird stage
2006Panama City 03/09/2005Panama PAN1:3 (0:1)CRC Costa RicaThird stage
2006Tibas 08/06/2005Costa Rica CRC3:2 (1:0)GUA GuatemalaThird stage
2006Port Of Spain 30/03/2005Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:0CRC Costa RicaThird stage
2006Tibas 26/03/2005Costa Rica CRC2:1 (1:0)PAN PanamaThird stage
2006Tibas 09/02/2005Costa Rica CRC1:2 (1:2)MEX MexicoThird stage
2006San Pedro Sula 17/11/2004Honduras HON0:0CRC Costa RicaSecond stage
2006Vancouver 13/10/2004Canada CAN1:3 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaSecond stage
2006San Jose 09/10/2004Costa Rica CRC5:0 (2:0)GUA GuatemalaSecond stage
2006San Jose 08/09/2004Costa Rica CRC1:0 (0:0)CAN CanadaSecond stage
2006Guatemala City 05/09/2004Guatemala GUA2:1 (0:1)CRC Costa RicaSecond stage
2006Alajuela 18/08/2004Costa Rica CRC2:5 (2:2)HON HondurasSecond stage
2006Alajuela 20/06/2004Costa Rica CRC1:1 (1:1)CUB CubaFirst stage
2006Havana 12/06/2004Cuba CUB2:2 (1:2)CRC Costa RicaFirst stage
2002Kingston 11/11/2001Jamaica JAM0:1 (0:1)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
2002San Jose 05/09/2001Costa Rica CRC2:0 (1:0)USA USAFinal round
2002Port Of Spain 01/09/2001Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:2 (0:2)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
2002San Jose 20/06/2001Costa Rica CRC2:1 (2:1)JAM JamaicaFinal round
2002Mexico City 16/06/2001Mexico MEX1:2 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998San Jose 16/11/1997Costa Rica CRC3:1 (2:0)CAN CanadaFinal round
1998Mexico City 09/11/1997Mexico MEX3:3 (2:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998Kingston 14/09/1997Jamaica JAM1:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998Portland 07/09/1997USA USA1:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998San Jose 10/08/1997Costa Rica CRC0:0SLV El SalvadorFinal round
1998Edmonton 01/06/1997Canada CAN1:0 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998San Jose 11/05/1997Costa Rica CRC3:1 (1:0)JAM JamaicaFinal round
1998San Salvador 04/05/1997El Salvador SLV2:1 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaFinal round
1998San Jose 23/03/1997Costa Rica CRC3:2 (2:1)USA USAFinal round
1998San Jose 16/03/1997Costa Rica CRC0:0MEX MexicoFinal round
1998Cartago 21/12/1996Costa Rica CRC2:1 (1:1)TRI Trinidad and TobagoSemi-finals
1998Palo Alto 14/12/1996USA USA2:1 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
1998San Jose 01/12/1996Costa Rica CRC2:1 (1:0)USA USASemi-finals
1998Los Angeles 24/11/1996Guatemala GUA1:0 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals
1998San Jose 10/11/1996Costa Rica CRC3:0 (0:0)GUA GuatemalaSemi-finals
1998Port Of Spain 01/09/1996Trinidad and Tobago TRI0:1 (0:0)CRC Costa RicaSemi-finals

Latest News


  • Ecuadorian forward Agustin Delgado (down) vies with Costa Rican defender Luis Marin during the 2006 World Cup
  • Luis Marin #3 of Costa Rica walks off the field after the U.S. tied the score in the final minute of their FIFA 2010 World Cup Qualifier
  • US forward Jozy Altidore (R) controls the ball in front of Costa Rica's Luis Marin
  • Luis Marin of Costa Rica (R) vies for the ball with Jozy Altidore (L) of the US
  • Luis Marin of Costa Rica leaves the field after his team drew 2-2 against the US
  • Costa Rican captain of the national soccer team and defender Luis Marin (L) and forward Kurt Bernard are seen inside a bus 13 June 2006
  • Hasan Sas of Turkey (R) vies for the ball with Luis Marin (L) and Mauricio Wright (C) of Costa Rica, 09 June 2002