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England Steve McMANAMAN


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final1998110000000
FIFA Club World Cup2000422000000
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998, 2002861100100
FIFA World Cup™
1998Lens 26/06/1998Colombia COL0:2 (0:2)ENG EnglandGroup matches
FIFA Club World Cup
2000Rio De Janeiro 14/01/2000Real Madrid MAD1:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 1:0) 3:4 PSONEC NecaxaThird place
2000Sao Paulo 10/01/2000Real Madrid MAD3:2 (0:1)RCA Raja Club AthleticFirst stage
2000Sao Paulo 07/01/2000Real Madrid MAD2:2 (1:1)COR Sport Club Corinthians PaulistaFirst stage
2000Sao Paulo 05/01/2000Real Madrid MAD3:1 (1:1)ALN Al NasrFirst stage
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2002Manchester 06/10/2001England ENG2:2 (0:1)GRE GreeceFirst stage
2002Newcastle 05/09/2001England ENG2:0 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2002Munich 01/09/2001Germany GER1:5 (1:2)ENG EnglandFirst stage
2002Athens 06/06/2001Greece GRE0:2 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage
2002Tirana 28/03/2001Albania ALB1:3 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage
2002Liverpool 24/03/2001England ENG2:1 (1:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1998London 12/02/1997England ENG0:1 (0:1)ITA ItalyFirst stage
1998London 09/10/1996England ENG2:1 (2:1)POL PolandFirst stage

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