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Albania Ervin SKELA


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier2002, 2006, 201028651720100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Solna 14/10/2009Sweden SWE4:1 (3:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2010Tirana 09/09/2009Albania ALB1:1 (0:1)DEN DenmarkFirst stage
2010Tirana 06/06/2009Albania ALB1:2 (1:1)POR PortugalFirst stage
2010Copenhagen 01/04/2009Denmark DEN3:0 (2:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2010Tirana 28/03/2009Albania ALB0:1 (0:1)HUN HungaryFirst stage
2010Ta'Qali 11/02/2009Malta MLT0:0ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2010Braga 15/10/2008Portugal POR0:0ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2010Budapest 11/10/2008Hungary HUN2:0 (0:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2010Tirana 10/09/2008Albania ALB3:0 (1:0)MLT MaltaFirst stage
2010Tirana 06/09/2008Albania ALB0:0SWE SwedenFirst stage
2006Tirana 12/10/2005Albania ALB0:1 (0:0)TUR TurkeyFirst stage
2006Dnepropetrovsk 08/10/2005Ukraine UKR2:2 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Tirana 03/09/2005Albania ALB2:1 (0:0)KAZ KazakhstanFirst stage
2006Copenhagen 08/06/2005Denmark DEN3:1 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Tirana 04/06/2005Albania ALB3:2 (2:0)GEO GeorgiaFirst stage
2006Piraeus 30/03/2005Greece GRE2:0 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Istanbul 26/03/2005Turkey TUR2:0 (2:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Tirana 09/02/2005Albania ALB0:2 (0:1)UKR UkraineFirst stage
2006Almaty 13/10/2004Kazakhstan KAZ0:1 (0:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Tirana 09/10/2004Albania ALB0:2 (0:0)DEN DenmarkFirst stage
2006Tbilisi 08/09/2004Georgia GEO2:0 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2006Tirana 04/09/2004Albania ALB2:1 (2:1)GRE GreeceFirst stage
2002Tirana 06/06/2001Albania ALB0:2 (0:1)GER GermanyFirst stage
2002Heraklion 02/06/2001Greece GRE1:0 (0:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2002Tirana 28/03/2001Albania ALB1:3 (0:0)ENG EnglandFirst stage
2002Leverkusen 24/03/2001Germany GER2:1 (0:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage
2002Tirana 11/10/2000Albania ALB2:0 (0:0)GRE GreeceFirst stage
2002Helsinki 02/09/2000Finland FIN2:1 (1:0)ALB AlbaniaFirst stage

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  • Sweden's Daniel Andersson(L) and Sebastian Larsson (R) vie with Albanian Ervin Skela