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Peru Roberto PALACIOS


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 20105615142792400
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2010Lima 14/10/2009Peru PER1:0 (0:0)BOL BoliviaLeague round
2010Buenos Aires 10/10/2009Argentina ARG2:1 (0:0)PER PeruLeague round
2010Puerto La Cruz 09/09/2009Venezuela VEN3:1 (1:1)PER PeruLeague round
2010Lima 05/09/2009Peru PER1:0 (0:0)URU UruguayLeague round
2010Quito 21/11/2007Ecuador ECU5:1 (3:0)PER PeruLeague round
2010Lima 18/11/2007Peru PER1:1 (0:1)BRA BrazilLeague round
2006Lima 07/06/2005Peru PER0:0URU UruguayLeague round
2006Barranquilla 04/06/2005Colombia COL5:0 (1:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 30/03/2005Peru PER2:2 (1:2)ECU EcuadorLeague round
2006Goiania 27/03/2005Brazil BRA1:0 (0:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 17/11/2004Peru PER2:1 (0:0)CHI ChileLeague round
2006Asuncion 13/10/2004Paraguay PAR1:1 (1:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006La Paz 09/10/2004Bolivia BOL1:0 (0:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 04/09/2004Peru PER1:3 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaLeague round
2006Lima 06/06/2004Peru PER0:0VEN VenezuelaLeague round
2006Montevideo 01/06/2004Uruguay URU1:3 (0:2)PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 31/03/2004Peru PER0:2 (0:2)COL ColombiaLeague round
2006Quito 19/11/2003Ecuador ECU0:0PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 16/11/2003Peru PER1:1 (0:1)BRA BrazilLeague round
2006Santiago De Chile 09/09/2003Chile CHI2:1 (1:0)PER PeruLeague round
2006Lima 06/09/2003Peru PER4:1 (2:1)PAR ParaguayLeague round
2002Lima 14/11/2001Peru PER1:1 (1:0)BOL BoliviaQualifying Tournament
2002Buenos Aires 08/11/2001Argentina ARG2:0 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002San Cristobal 06/10/2001Venezuela VEN3:0 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 04/09/2001Peru PER0:2 (0:2)URU UruguayQualifying Tournament
2002Bogota 16/08/2001Colombia COL0:1 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 02/06/2001Peru PER1:2 (1:1)ECU EcuadorQualifying Tournament
2002Sao Paulo 25/04/2001Brazil BRA1:1 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 27/03/2001Peru PER3:1 (0:0)CHI ChileQualifying Tournament
2002Asuncion 15/11/2000Paraguay PAR5:1 (3:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002La Paz 08/10/2000Bolivia BOL1:0 (1:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 03/09/2000Peru PER1:2 (0:2)ARG ArgentinaQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 16/08/2000Peru PER1:0 (0:0)VEN VenezuelaQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 19/07/2000Peru PER0:1 (0:0)COL ColombiaQualifying Tournament
2002Quito 29/06/2000Ecuador ECU2:1 (1:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 04/06/2000Peru PER0:1 (0:1)BRA BrazilQualifying Tournament
2002Santiago De Chile 26/04/2000Chile CHI1:1 (1:1)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
2002Lima 29/03/2000Peru PER2:0 (0:0)PAR ParaguayQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 16/11/1997Peru PER1:0 (1:0)PAR ParaguayQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 12/10/1997Chile CHI4:0 (1:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 10/09/1997Peru PER2:1 (0:1)URU UruguayQualifying Tournament
1998Barinas 20/08/1997Venezuela VEN0:3 (0:1)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Buenos Aires 08/06/1997Argentina ARG2:0 (1:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Barranquilla 30/04/1997Colombia COL0:1 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 02/04/1997Peru PER1:1 (0:0)ECU EcuadorQualifying Tournament
1998Asuncion 12/02/1997Paraguay PAR2:1 (2:1)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 12/01/1997Peru PER2:1 (2:0)CHI ChileQualifying Tournament
1998Montevideo 15/12/1996Uruguay URU2:0 (2:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 10/11/1996Peru PER4:1 (2:0)VEN VenezuelaQualifying Tournament
1998La Paz 01/09/1996Bolivia BOL0:0PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 07/07/1996Peru PER0:0ARG ArgentinaQualifying Tournament
1998Lima 02/06/1996Peru PER1:1 (0:0)COL ColombiaQualifying Tournament
1998Guayaquil 24/04/1996Ecuador ECU4:1 (0:0)PER PeruQualifying Tournament
1994Buenos Aires 22/08/1993Argentina ARG2:1 (2:0)PER PeruFirst stage
1994Lima 08/08/1993Peru PER0:1 (0:1)COL ColombiaFirst stage
1994Lima 01/08/1993Peru PER0:1 (0:1)ARG ArgentinaFirst stage

Latest News


  • Peru´s Roberto 'El Chorrillano' Palacios wears a t-shirt that reads 'I Love You Peru' as he gives his farewell to the national soccer team during the friendly match played against Nigeria at Nacional stadium in Lima, Peru, 23 May 2012
  • Roberto Palacios, from Peru, celebrates 20 years as footballer in Sporting Cristal (courtesy: Prensa Sporting Cristal)