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Switzerland Raphael WICKY


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Final2006422000100
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier19981884610500
FIFA World Cup™
2006Cologne 26/06/2006Switzerland SUI0:0 a.e.t. 0:3 PSOUKR UkraineRound of 16
2006Hanover 23/06/2006Switzerland SUI2:0 (1:0)KOR Korea RepublicGroup matches
2006Dortmund 19/06/2006Togo TOG0:2 (0:1)SUI SwitzerlandGroup matches
2006Stuttgart 13/06/2006France FRA0:0SUI SwitzerlandGroup matches
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2006Istanbul 16/11/2005Turkey TUR4:2 (2:1)SUI SwitzerlandSecond stage
2006Dublin 12/10/2005Republic of Ireland IRL0:0SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
2006Berne 08/10/2005Switzerland SUI1:1 (0:0)FRA FranceFirst stage
2006Nicosia 07/09/2005Cyprus CYP1:3 (1:1)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
2006Toftir 04/06/2005Faroe Islands FRO1:3 (0:1)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
2006Basel 04/09/2004Switzerland SUI6:0 (4:0)FRO Faroe IslandsFirst stage
2002Basel 06/06/2001Switzerland SUI0:1 (0:0)SVN SloveniaFirst stage
2002Toftir 02/06/2001Faroe Islands FRO0:1 (0:0)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
2002Ljubliana 11/10/2000Slovenia SVN2:2 (1:1)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
2002Zürich 07/10/2000Switzerland SUI5:1 (4:1)FRO Faroe IslandsFirst stage
2002Zürich 02/09/2000Switzerland SUI0:1 (0:0)RUS RussiaFirst stage
1998Zurich 11/10/1997Switzerland SUI5:0 (3:0)AZE AzerbaijanFirst stage
1998Oslo 10/09/1997Norway NOR5:0 (0:0)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
1998Lausanne 06/09/1997Switzerland SUI1:2 (0:1)FIN FinlandFirst stage
1998Budapest 20/08/1997Hungary HUN1:1 (0:0)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage
1998Zurich 30/04/1997Switzerland SUI1:0 (0:0)HUN HungaryFirst stage
1998Berne 10/11/1996Switzerland SUI0:1 (0:1)NOR NorwayFirst stage
1998Helsinki 06/10/1996Finland FIN2:3 (1:2)SUI SwitzerlandFirst stage

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