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San Marino

San Marino Damiano VANNUCCI


Record at FIFA Tournaments
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 201431013000500
FIFA World Cup™ Qualifiers
2014Podgorica 14/11/2012Montenegro MNE3:0 (2:0)SMR San MarinoSF
2014Serravalle 16/10/2012San Marino SMR0:2 (0:0)MDA MoldovaSF
2014Serravalle 11/09/2012San Marino SMR0:6 (0:2)MNE MontenegroSF
2010Uherske Hradiste 09/09/2009Czech Republic CZE7:0 (3:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2010Maribor 12/08/2009Slovenia SVN5:0 (2:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2010Bratislava 06/06/2009Slovakia SVK7:0 (5:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2010Kielce 01/04/2009Poland POL10:0 (4:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2010Serravalle 11/02/2009San Marino SMR0:3 (0:2)NIR Northern IrelandFirst stage
2010Serravalle 19/11/2008San Marino SMR0:3 (0:0)CZE Czech RepublicFirst stage
2010Belfast 15/10/2008Northern Ireland NIR4:0 (2:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2010Serravalle 11/10/2008San Marino SMR1:3 (1:2)SVK SlovakiaFirst stage
2010Serravalle 10/09/2008San Marino SMR0:2 (0:1)POL PolandFirst stage
2006Serravalle 12/10/2005San Marino SMR0:6 (0:3)ESP SpainFirst stage
2006Zenica 08/10/2005Bosnia-Herzegovina BIH3:0 (0:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2006Serravalle 04/06/2005San Marino SMR1:3 (1:2)BIH Bosnia-HerzegovinaFirst stage
2006Serravalle 30/03/2005San Marino SMR1:2 (1:1)BEL BelgiumFirst stage
2006Almeria 09/02/2005Spain ESP5:0 (3:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2006Serravalle 17/11/2004San Marino SMR0:1 (0:1)LTU LithuaniaFirst stage
2006Belgrade 13/10/2004Serbia and Montenegro SCG5:0 (2:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2006Kaunas 08/09/2004Lithuania LTU4:0 (1:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2006Serravalle 04/09/2004San Marino SMR0:3 (0:2)SCG Serbia and MontenegroFirst stage
2002Serravalle 06/06/2001San Marino SMR1:4 (1:1)BEL BelgiumFirst stage
2002Varazdin 02/06/2001Croatia CRO4:0 (2:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2002Riga 25/04/2001Latvia LVA1:1 (1:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2002Glasgow 28/03/2001Scotland SCO4:0 (3:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
2002Brussels 28/02/2001Belgium BEL10:1 (3:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
1998Serravalle 10/09/1997San Marino SMR0:5 (0:2)TUR TurkeyFirst stage
1998Brussels 07/06/1997Belgium BEL6:0 (5:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
1998Serravalle 30/04/1997San Marino SMR0:6 (0:1)NED NetherlandsFirst stage
1998Amsterdam 29/03/1997Netherlands NED4:0 (1:0)SMR San MarinoFirst stage
1998Serravalle 09/10/1996San Marino SMR0:3 (0:2)BEL BelgiumFirst stage


  • Dutch footballer Mark van Bommel competes with Damiano Vannucci of San Marino