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Korea Republic Korea Republic

Players with the most goals in one match
AHN Jung Hwan200218/06/2002KOR2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1)ITARound of 161
AHN Jung Hwan200210/06/2002KOR1:1 (0:1)USAGroup matches1
AHN Jung Hwan200613/06/2006KOR2:1 (0:1)TOGGroup matches1
CHOI Soon Ho198610/06/1986KOR2:3 (0:1)ITAGroup matches1
HA Seok Ju199813/06/1998KOR1:3 (1:0)MEXGroup matches1
HONG Myung Bo199417/06/1994ESP2:2 (0:0)KORGroup matches1
HONG Myung Bo199427/06/1994GER3:2 (3:0)KORGroup matches1
HUH Jung Moo198610/06/1986KOR2:3 (0:1)ITAGroup matches1
HWANG Bo Kwan199017/06/1990KOR1:3 (1:1)ESPGroup matches1
HWANG Sun Hong200204/06/2002KOR2:0 (1:0)POLGroup matches1
HWANG Sun Hong199427/06/1994GER3:2 (3:0)KORGroup matches1
KIM Jong Boo198605/06/1986KOR1:1 (0:1)BULGroup matches1
LEE Chun Soo200613/06/2006KOR2:1 (0:1)TOGGroup matches1
LEE Chung Yong201017/06/2010ARG4:1 (2:1)KORFirst stage1
LEE Chung Yong201026/06/2010URU2:1 (1:0)KORRound of 161
LEE Eul Yong200229/06/2002KOR2:3 (1:3)TURThird place1
LEE Jung Soo201022/06/2010NGA2:2 (1:1)KORFirst stage1
LEE Jung Soo201012/06/2010KOR2:0 (1:0)GREFirst stage1
PARK Chang Sun198602/06/1986ARG3:1 (2:0)KORGroup matches1
PARK Chuyoung201022/06/2010NGA2:2 (1:1)KORFirst stage1
PARK Ji Sung200618/06/2006FRA1:1 (1:0)KORGroup matches1
PARK Ji Sung200214/06/2002POR0:1 (0:0)KORGroup matches1
PARK Ji Sung201012/06/2010KOR2:0 (1:0)GREFirst stage1
SEO Jung Won199417/06/1994ESP2:2 (0:0)KORGroup matches1
SEOL Ki Hyeon200218/06/2002KOR2:1 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1)ITARound of 161
SONG Chong Gug200229/06/2002KOR2:3 (1:3)TURThird place1
YOO Sang Chul199825/06/1998BEL1:1 (1:0)KORGroup matches1
YOO Sang Chul200204/06/2002KOR2:0 (1:0)POLGroup matches1


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