FIFA World Cup™ Statistics for Costa Rica -


Costa Rica Costa Rica

Players with the most matches
Luis MARIN6141
Mauricio SOLIS6141
Paulo WANCHOPE6141
Ronald GOMEZ6141
Walter CENTENO6141
Players with the most goals scored
Ronald GOMEZ2002, 200663
Paulo WANCHOPE2002, 200663
Mauricio WRIGHT200231
Winston PARKS200221
Hernan MEDFORD1990, 200251
Players with the most goals in one match
Paulo WANCHOPE200609/06/2006Germany GER4:2 (2:1)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches2
Hernan MEDFORD199020/06/1990Sweden SWE1:2 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches1
Juan CAYASSO199011/06/1990Costa Rica CRC1:0 (0:0)SCO ScotlandGroup matches1
Roger FLORES199020/06/1990Sweden SWE1:2 (1:0)CRC Costa RicaGroup matches1
Ronald GOMEZ200620/06/2006Costa Rica CRC1:2 (1:1)POL PolandGroup matches1
Players with the best average of goals per match
Paulo WANCHOPE2002, 2006630.5
Ronald GOMEZ2002, 2006630.5
Winston PARKS2002210.5
Mauricio WRIGHT2002310.3
Juan CAYASSO1990410.3