No sporting event matches the World Cup in its appeal.  We in Japan have also felt this universal passion, even before we shared as host of the first tournament in Asia.  And yet, we couldn’t help but to think, couldn’t the World Cup become something even more?

We saw how deeply players, spectators, hosts and fans watching around the world were involved.  We witnessed new bonds created across cultures and languages.  And now, we truly believe Japan can play a vital role in helping the World Cup to be an even greater factor in binding the world as one.  What better opportunity than at such a universal gathering?

We want to achieve the most inclusive and personal event in World Cup history.  And how?  We start by thinking beyond “a host country.”  We invite people around the globe, and not just football fans, to “host” the event with us.  We do this by creating opportunities and venues, both real and virtual, to connect our hopes through the universal language of football.

The world has already embraced many things Japanese in areas from high technology to popular culture.  But for hosting the World Cup, we want to combine both the technological and traditional personal aspects of current Japan.  To reach out as well as to welcome everyone, we will apply the latest technologies with the unique Japanese style the world has come to appreciate.  In short, we want to create a truly universal event!

Japan thus invites the world to this celebration.  Together, we can realize a World Cup on a different, greater dimension.  Beyond the host country to a larger world, a universe of hosts.  Let’s make the World Cup Truly Universal!