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DateVenue Matches
15/11/11 20:00Willemstad Curacao6:1 (2:0)US Virgin Islands
11/11/11 16:00Frederiksted US Virgin Islands0:3 (0:3)Curacao
11/10/11 19:00St. John's Antigua and Barbuda10:0 (5:0)US Virgin Islands
07/10/11 16:00Frederiksted US Virgin Islands0:7 (0:2)Haiti
06/09/11 15:30Frederiksted US Virgin Islands1:8 (0:2)Antigua and Barbuda
02/09/11 15:00Port-Au-Prince Haiti6:0 (3:0)US Virgin Islands
10/07/11 15:00Tortola British Virgin Islands1:2 (1:1)US Virgin Islands
03/07/11 16:00Charlotte Amalie US Virgin Islands2:0 (1:0)British Virgin Islands